Scania R reworked

Author: dallyborr

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DOWNLOAD Stock version (without pipes, horns and led lights) 1.6 MB

IMPORTANT FOR STOCK: What to do? Rename .scs into .rar or .zip. Extract that mod. Navigate to vehicle\truck\scania_rcab_2009. Copy files from this archive and overwrite those within. There is also some folder “mat dobar” with proper mat files, copy all mat files and paste them where you paste all truck files. Go back where vehicle and automat folder are. Select BOTH files, right click, add to archive. Choose zip, and under zip select store method, OK. Now u can rename zip into scs, but u u don’t need because ETS reads zip, and rar, and put that archive in MOD folder.


Scania R rework by Dallyborr, and updated 6×2 version

-New front bumper
-New led lights
-Scania skin, paintable in parts shop ( some orange skull paint, i didnt change picture of it )
-New position and brake lights on back of a cabin
-New horns on roof
-New sideskirt for 6×2 version
-Pipes on a back of a cabin
-Angel eyes effect on roof light bar ( download separately )
-All lights work as on real Scania truck, small lights under main one.
-Truck copletelly paintable, including mask and plastic parts around windows

16 thoughts on “Scania R reworked

  1. great mod … thanks for author for making great mod and thanks for this web ( for providing great mod for us

  2. Perfekt! Thanks, dude!

  3. This seems pretty nice, so thanks for making it.
    Just one thing I noticed though… when I used the files for the stock version the little lights from the rear of the high roof fairing were still visible, and obviously floating in the air when the high roof fairing isn’t used.

  4. Not understanding where and how to install this mod. All I know how to do is copy and paste .scs to mods folder. Thats where I put ALL truck files. I don’t see anywhere else to put it. There don’t seem to be any files to copy in the Root directory (C/Local disc/Program Files(x86)/Euro Truck Simulator 2) or in my mods folder (C:\Users\USER\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod) This seems like a really nice mod and I would like to try it out, but until I know for sure how to install it, I’m not going to. Have invested WAYYY too much time in the game I have going.

    1. If you want all the lights, side skirts, and stacks, then just put the zzzzzzzzzzzScania.scs into your mod folder. You only need to mess about if you don’t want the new bits.

      1. Thanks Nailz, much appreciated. Downloading now 🙂

  5. Hi, can you makes mod just with lights, pipe and sideskirt for 6×4, please? Thanx

  6. This mod is perfect. love the sideskirts on my 6×6 chassis and the new paints for the Vortex and Phoenix are…..well…just plain bautifully done. Thank you Dallyborr for taking the time to make this mod. There is nothing bad to say about it. Only thing I might say even in the slightest way negative would be…if there is another version of this to come out, maybe make it so we can add sidepipes/sidelights,like there is on the 4×2 chassis(I know there is a mod to do this, but I like having it all in one that works and doesn’t cause conflicts. Not that that mod does) . I don’t understand why SCS didn’t include those as well.

  7. There are lights showing above the roof when high top isnt used, can anything be done?

  8. I mentioned those lights here a couple of weeks ago too. It’s the only reason I’m not using this mod.

  9. Very beautiful scania , the nicest on ETS2 for sure …but… there are some strange driving reaction when using it…not possible to find a good set up in the “controllers set up” page of the game….The handling of this truck is weird…somethimes it turns too much some times not enough.

  10. I have forgotten to say: when driving by night there are some orange flashing lights in the cabin (while driving with interior view) … it’s really not confortable…for information I am using the “stock” version” … nothing added on the truck for the moment.

  11. I’m really annoyed looking at this mod because I cannot install it. I have ETS2 on STEAM and the only way i can have mods is by haveing .scs files into the mods folder. I just wanted to have the under skirt of the truck black, you know the part of the truck where the stairs are

    1. placing scs files in the mod folder IS the only way to mods ingame.

      Download my skinpack here;
      there is a skin that lets you paint different parts in-game. You can paint the cab, the grille and the undercarriage in the colours you want

  12. Hi Dallyborr, or who made this awesome mod, i was wondering if you could PLEASE fix the Cabin? every skin i try by the “window” space it misses graphic ;\ it’s like u added something there or removed something so you can’t use skins ;S mean not with any motive at least.. PLEASE can this be done? since i love everything about this mod other then this small problem ;S

    Best Reguards


  13. gh

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