Scania R-S Addons v5.5 1.37


☑Added Low Chasis 4×2
☑Added Low Chasis 6×2
☑Added New İnterior Beige
☑Added Front Glass sticker
☑Added Front Logo 7 color option
☑Added Front Botomgrill
☑Added Front Bumper paint
☑Added Front Mudflap
☑Added Frontgrill lowcab
☑Added Rear bumper
☑Added Rear Exhaust
☑Added Rear Chs Cover
☑Added Rear Mudflap
☑Added Front bumber light
☑Added Front botomgrill
☑Added Frontgrill
☑Added Rear Fender
☑Added Miror paint
☑Added Roofgrill
☑Added Roof Decals
☑Added New Rearmudflaps
☑Added New Sunvisor
☑Added New Stoneguard
☑Added New Sunshield
☑Added Windowtrim
☑Added Doorstep light
☑Added Stickers
☑Added Rear bumper
☑Added İntbacklight
☑Added Xenon Lights
☑Added New Bumper
☑Added Dynamic Blinker
☑Added Eye Brows
☑Added New color
☑Adapted BDF Tandem Truck Pack Flemming V

Mods required for tandem :
Mods tuning Adaptive

Tested 1.37x

Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.



29 thoughts on “Scania R-S Addons v5.5 1.37

  1. Does it work with Eugene’s scania mod?

  2. HD Video Test 1.37

  3. Blade, another great job from you! Thank you for your effort to give us such a huge tunning packet. Excellent!

    1. thank you man

    2. REally this ugly *** its nice???? hahahahahah stoled mods only, BAD

  4. I’ve been wait for the update so long, great job. Thanks, mate

  5. The+mod+is+not+that+bad



    1. ganz oben in der Rangliste
      Ok Kumpel
      mit anderen Modi
      kann sich überlappen


    2. Den “interior mod” ganz nach oben, und alles andere (Lenkräder Armaturen u.ä. raus aus den aktiven mods) Funktioniert alles sehr gut 🙂

  6. Great mod man but for some reason on the stock low bumper I get these side lights without selecting them.

  7. amazing mod…great job

  8. i don’t see my steering wheel

  9. i don’t see steering wheel in my truck

  10. Carmichael

    Another mod stealer…. You do not have my permission to use my interior mod in your pack!

    1. my friend
      I renewed the interior flour
      I converted to 1.37 version
      And you have a name in interior

      1. Carmichael

        You do not have my permission to include my mod or update it to 1.37 in your so called pack “friend” .

        1. can you look at your page
          my friend
          messages to

  11. YES, REALLY ######!!!! mod by ######!!! SCAMER. im see your name, and reported this. Why people here talk nice mod??? Ugly bad …….think, not nice!!! Im stand by you Carmichael. use your interior, but not share. we talk more by tis kids, later, and now next kid stoled your work…………..REPORTED

    1. I’m not a child
      speak properly
      I am 46 years old
      you understand

      1. GermanETS2Driver

        46 and so dumb? PLS delete all your “Mods” and take a fly to any other Planet… My ### is half so old like you and has more IQ.

    2. Bla Bla, s.h.u.t up

  12. Tarık ÖZDEMİR

    Scania için belki 100 tane bu ve buna benzer mod yapılmıştır. Mercedes için mod seçeneği çok az Mercedes Benz MP4 için böyle bir modun uyarlanmasına ihtiyaç var. bu modu yapan arkadaşın eline sağlık inşallah MP4 için benzer bir mod yapar.

  13. WHY admins not deleted this kids stoled think ?? ??? Only ***kid can stoled mod!!!

  14. I see a lot of butthurt people here ####.

  15. What a bunch of morons here wining about mod, shut up and leave the guy alone. You can’t even type English and you just look plain dumb.

  16. henk schutte


  17. nice mod !!

  18. Glen McGeachie


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