Scania R-S Addons v6 1.49

☑Added Lowdeck chasis 4×2
☑Added Lowdeck chasis 6×2
☑Added Lowdeck chasis 6×4
☑Added Standolone İnterior Beige
☑Added Front Glass sticker
☑Added Front Logo 7 color option
☑Added Front Botomgrill
☑Added Front Bumper paint
☑Added Front Mudflap
☑Added Frontgrill lowcab
☑Added Rear bumper
☑Added Rear Exhaust
☑Added Rear Chs Cover
☑Added Rear Mudflap
☑Added Front bumber light
☑Added Front botomgrill
☑Added Frontgrill
☑Added Rear Fender
☑Added Miror paint
☑Added Roofgrill
☑Added Roof Decals
☑Added New Rearmudflaps
☑Added New Sunvisor
☑Added New Stoneguard
☑Added New Sunshield
☑Added Windowtrim
☑Added Doorstep light
☑Added Stickers
☑Added Rear bumper
☑Added İntbacklight
☑Added Xenon Lights
☑Added New Bumper
☑Added Dynamic Blinker
☑Added Eye Brows
☑Added New color
☑Added Dynamic Mudflap
☑Adapted BDF Tandem Truck Pack Flemming V
☑Completely revamped 1.49 compatible

Sell your mod-related tools
the mod has been completely renewed
so you may have a problem
Mods required for tandem :
Mods tuning Adaptive

Tuning All Truck & Trailer Package 1 48

Tested 1.49

Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Scania R-S Addons v6 1.49

  1. it will also be nice to look at…..but if you touch the 2-axis, 3-axis or 4-axis chassis the game crashes!

    1. 1-sell an old car,
      2-if you have a mod related to Scania vehicles, take it out.

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