Scania R S Adons v 1.0

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Mighty Griffin requires dlc
-Added new İnterior
-Added front bumber light
-Added front botomgrill
-Added front mudflap
-Added front grill
-Added front grile guard
-Added front stoneguard
-Added logo light
-Added new sunvisor
-Added light bar
-Added doortrim
-Added window trim
-Added rear exhaust
-Added rear bumper
-Added rear mudflaps
-Added back light
-Added chasis cover
Tested 1.30x
Enjoy the mod!

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30 Responses to Scania R S Adons v 1.0

  1. Dominik Benner says:

    Ist the Interior also available ?

  2. Dominik Benner says:

    Where istcthe interior from ?

  3. Miroslav Harag says:

    Why is not interior view from out side ? 🙁

  4. PolishdriverTrucker says:

    Not good… Learn modding. This new Scania is very Bad.

  5. Teo says:

    Why interior?

  6. garmeh says:

    Niiiiice mod

  7. keko says:

    10 numara 5 yıldız .!

  8. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30….

  9. fuy says:


  10. Philippe says:

    Euh,you forgotten 2 Scania’s. The 2012 and Streamline model’s!!

  11. licinio says:

    She’s possível you imput a full mirrou pint and fix the chassis Cover pleasse
    And this mod she’s very very niss

  12. tuner_75 says:

    Mod funktioniert nicht weder beim R noch S keine lackierung oder addons wie im video gezeigt wird … lvl. 1.30.

  13. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video…

  14. lesus says:

    good very good

  15. виталя says:

    как удалить интерьер. сам цвет? и вообще зачем навязывать свой интерьер. каждый поставит тот который ему нужен цветом.

  16. amonrada says:

    so ugly interiors…

    • Sebi70 says:

      Schöne Mod danke für deine Arbeit, nur leider wen ich speicher will stürzt das spiel ab

  17. kevin272club says:

    The interior is nice but needs a lot to fix, but even then you can still have fun with it 😉

    PS: A tip, take those subs off, because they weren’t harmonious with the rest of the interior, try also to make the AO Texture Baked in the next version.

  18. Blackwolf83m says:

    maybe you can make the chrome parts separately as a mod for the new Scania S & R 2016 he really nice

  19. Devil666 says:

    nice, thanks!

  20. c says:

    how do i delete this interior and go back to standard one?

    • MSI_Dzik says:

      I do not speak English and I am using Google translator, so forgive language correctness.
      If you want to get rid of this ugly interior with modifications then you have to open it with winrar or 7zip. Open the following folders: vehicle, truck, scania_2016. Then delete the folder: interior.
      If, however, someone annoys too strong flashes of lights, you have to delete the folder: models.

  21. John W says:

    the interior in the European cabin has red line’s in the carpet.The English version does not.Please change.I like the English version en the European cabin.No red lines.Ore no Interior at all

  22. Speedy812 says:

    Finde denn Innenraum klasse.Gibt es denn auch extra mod?

  23. akturk444 says:

    Thank you

  24. epn113 says:

    it ruin the bottom lights of next gen scania, you can see it has glitch . hope you fix it in the next update

  25. XXGAMERXX says:

    It sucks always some one means he have to put in his mod his own number plate what is that for bullshit, maybe the persons who are using that mod dont want this. Please learn a lesson and work over that mod again.

  26. WaiHon Lam says:


  27. J. R. says:


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