Scania R S Adons V4 [1.34]

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-Added new Cab 3 version
-Added new Front Bumper xt
-Added new Ext İnterior
-Added 4×2 lowdeck
-Added front bumber light
-Added front botomgrill
-Added front cab grill
-Added front grill&Light
-Added new sunvisor
-Added light bar
-Added doortrim
-Added window trim
-Added rear bumper
-Added chasis cover&Light
-Added Bulbar & paint
-Added Lobar&Paint
-Added Front Fender
-Added Rear Fender
-Added Lightbar
-Added crom headlights
-Added Multi leds
-Added police Lazer beacon
-Added horn

Tested 1.34x

Enjoy the mod!



29 thoughts on “Scania R S Adons V4 [1.34]

  1. will you compress the file in the next update??

    this way too big for tuning mod only

    1. What you have?
      In the Archive are different scs, it´s compressed.
      It´s a very good and Top Mod.

  2. Again !!!!!
    My Browser stopped because a Virus was find.
    And the Upload is done from a Thief !!!

    1. Original from Blade1972:
      h t t p s://

      1. peperebvs

        Merci JoachimK pour le lien

        1. De rien, avec grand Plaisir.

  3. maybe it has an advertising banner and the antivirus reports it as a virus, it always signals it to me with other mods, it deactivates the antivirus and discharges easily (it’s not a virus).
    I’m not sure it’s the original author Blade1974
    CiaoZ JoachimK

    1. Hallo, zoso,
      I have all his Mods from the Beginning and I may you confirm, it´s his very good Mod.
      Ciao, zoso

    1. sagittariusjr

      From witch mod is “LAZER ST 24”?
      in original mod with this led bars was max 12 led.

      1. Blade1974

        I created thanks

    2. Ok thanks for the confirmation, and thanks for the mod.

  4. One word perfect ..

  5. kardeşim elinize sağlık güzel mod yapmışsınız da birader bu plakayı kişileştirmeseniz ölür müsünüz ? bir iş yapıyorsunuz içine sıçıp atıyorsunuz.

    1. Blade1974

      tarık dds üzerinde oynamak çok zor değil yeri belli sen bilmiyorsan bile gel ben halledeyim facebook : ayhan tok hayırlı akşamlar.

  6. henk schutte

    having trouble doesnot work

  7. not working mod, maybe I’m doing something wrong, help

  8. Waltencyr

    add trailer cables.

    1. Blade1974

      forgot to add her soon thanks

  9. Güzel bir mod ama tuning modu çok kasma yapıyor. Tuningsiz oyun akıcı.

  10. Please add a long front mudguard, and the sounds would change))) thanks for the great mod

  11. lumelabidas

    xt skin and some other addons are black
    what should i need to do to change it

  12. Tuning All truck package.scs and Scania R-S Adons v4.scs are corrupted, can not be installed in ets2.

  13. Rollertoaster

    Hey hanks for this mod. More Tunning Parts for Scania 8×4 please.

  14. please for the DAF 105 and DAF 106

  15. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCANiA R_S Mega Mod [1.34],

  16. I really love your mod but i hate that it changes front light from stock vanilla to yours any way to disable front light change?

  17. Mateusz Siudek


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