Scania R & S Series v 5.2

Scania-R-&-S-1 Scania-R-&-S-2 Scania-R-&-S-3

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– Added advenced coupling
– Updated chassis definitions
– 4 Cabins
– 7 Chassis
– 4 Engines + 3 Open Pipes
– 60 Tuning Slots
– Custom Flares
– Interior
– Compatible Cabin Accessories DLC
– Removed obselete attributes
– Work on version 1.24.x

Authors: Bogdan Kasalap, scaniamatteo, Matgamer


10 Responses to Scania R & S Series v 5.2

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. Doc_KryToX says:

    in my opinion it is better than the RJL

  3. ETS2 says:

    do you have the template

  4. The Gamer says:

    whats new?

  5. Rob987 says:

    Have no sound when I choose the open pipe Engine, can anybody help please?

  6. Okayan says:

    You had to let normal prices

  7. Andrew says:

    For some reason I have no sound on any of the open pipe engines.

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