Scania R Serie v4.0


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1) – Optimized for patch 1.18!
2) – 60 slots tuning!
3) – Modification is now 0-level and stands with all such tuning 12 000 euro (the currency of the game)!
4) – Have Wheels
5) – 4 Chassis (Topline & Streamline)
6) – Lift axles included

Bogdan Kasalap, SCS


29 Responses to Scania R Serie v4.0

  1. Melichov_SU says:

    Scania R Series v4.0 – Detailed video review [ETS2 v1.18]


  2. Shineslip says:

    Reupload. Nothing new. Same bugs like in old versions.

    • Ipgaxx says:

      Reupload of what? If you claim something is a reupload, then post link to the old mod or get lost!

      • LucianMihai says:

        To be fair he is right. There are very few diferences and none in tunning from V3,only the costs have been altered and was made lvl 0 available,appart that nothing added and from the looks of it,i doubt it was re-uploaded by Bogdan himself.

  3. Aleksi Salonen says:

    can you add tandem chassis to next version, it would rock so well with normal spoiler

    • SergiuTGA says:

      Yeaah!! It would be great if the tandem chassis is added to this beauty!

  4. chefprutser says:

    Template for this truck?

  5. wenzel says:

    It does not work on MAC OS

  6. eyup says:

    This mod is really successful but truck price and accecories are very cheap. Can you fix it ?

    • James says:

      Ever stop and think that is intended to be that way to make it so people can put this in and get the items without a ton of grinding for the money to use the items on their trucks.
      So why would he fix something that he intended it to be the way it is.

      If you want it another way just go into the files and change them to how you want it as it is not that hard to do.

      • eyup says:

        Well James, I’ve already been using hard economy mod. So if this truck would be cheap, it would have no sense to use economy mod. So, do you know how to change truck prices. If you know something, I ll be glad to you share it.
        : )

  7. Baba says:

    Bogdan ? Reupload ? with the same shi**y red listings ?

  8. Christer says:

    On my computer the lights in the roof bar and mudflaps are non existent.

  9. texasman says:

    this truck russ plates was here bevor, try this bevor just bugi truck

  10. cob says:

    whats the flare pack you are using?

  11. ismail says:

    So good mod, perfect.
    Can you change truck’s slot? Previously version was at the last slot. But this is at first slot and weeda’s scania is too. I want both them two trucks. Sorry for my bad English. ..

  12. ismail says:

    And please make it with realistic prize. It’s not good like this.

  13. Marc says:

    Unexpected end of archive, file is broken. Can’t use the mod

  14. Marc says:

    Scratch that, got the mod workingworking and I have to say, so many moding options! . This is one of the best scania modsmods, but crashes when using 50k light modbox mod 😮

  15. jake says:

    very nice mod but there’s an error in accessories…. there’s no lightbox… whenever i choose lightbox.. game crashed…. pls fix it..

  16. soto.babik says:

    can’t repair when truck have crash .. please fix it

  17. Disantos says:

    please can you make a sound for this truck? none of the sound mods work in this truck :/

  18. gamerpirata69 says:

    as you can make a skin, please reply.
    sorry for my English

  19. Alex9914 says:

    Полный видео-обзор мода!

  20. BlackTiger says:

    The rar file will not open repair, please, before he came to fix it was but now it throws that rar is corrupted and can not be opened.

  21. Gladiatore says:

    Hello there are template??

  22. dimitry06 says:

    The downloaded file is incorrect, please upload anything that is not broken, so this mod is useless! 🙁

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