Scania R Serie


– Added 3 cabins
– Added two 3 axle chassis, the side skirts are mounted (includes exclusive parts)
– UV map has been revised for the front grille and side panels, it supports skins (custom paint)
– Topline and Griffin logo are fixed with a gray color

Author: pete379jp



7 thoughts on “Scania R Serie

  1. sounds good 🙂

  2. Please fix the bumper grille, it sways with cabin!

  3. If you fix this mod, I think it would be the best mods for SCANIA!

  4. Great to see a nicely remapped Scania grille without all the LEDs and covered slots that the commonly used model by maghetto704 has.

    The only thing I’d perhaps change is where the grille is mapped to on the texture – that common model is slightly to the right of where you’ve mapped it and as a result every skin that uses a painted grille needs to be modified to fit your model. Of course, on the other hand yours works perfectly with the built-in skins, so there’s a tradeoff either way.

  5. mě to nejde stahnout proč mi to nejde

  6. Does this mod work with any of the modshop or megamods??

  7. SMB 191 S

    Can change the download link? I could not download that file. Thanks!

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