Scania R series 500 Flags & Pennant

Scania R series 560 Flags & Pennant for ETS2
– Flags (Mod working only with DLC National Windows Flags!)
– Pennants (Mod working only with DLC Cabin Accessories!)




4 thoughts on “Scania R series 500 Flags & Pennant

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    STOP to upload every s•h•i•t flag as one mod. It sucks !!!!!!!!

    1. [CargoTLN]Lukas(CH)

      Whats your Problem???? Its not your webside….

      1. Wow, very intelligent Answer…
        But he and all others are right, to do it better, that calls “merging” 🙁

        1. Everyone can add their mods

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