Scania R Series Fix V 7.0


Version 7.0

[CHANGE LOG] Dec 13, 2014 – Updated sound settings for the patch 1.15.1.

Modification list:
– Various parts have been swapped from Streamline
– Added more cabin variations (default 3 + custom 29 = 32 kinds in total)
– Prepared two types of normal version and lowdown version in all cabin variations
– Added 3-axle chassis that can be mounted side skirts (includes exclusive parts)
– UV map has been reworked for the front grille, quarter panels and door frames
– Supports any skins (custom paint jobs)
– Added “decals” accessory for Roof sign decal and Griffin decor stripes, also includes base files for your own decals

SCS Software, pete379jp


2 thoughts on “Scania R Series Fix V 7.0

  1. Nice work!!!!

  2. Ciao Pete379jp wanted to ask you can create a mod only
    bright decals for all trucks with more free slots to create (no lightbox no decor griffin)
    excuse not correct English ciao ciaox

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