Scania R Series v 2.2


New in v 2.2 version:
– Added more cabin versions (standard 3 + 12 = 15 total customer specific species)
– Added two 3-axle chassis, the side skirts are mounted (includes exclusive parts)
– UV map was for the front grille, side panels and door frames were revised
– Supports all skins (custom paint)
– Roof sign sticker (and HIGHLINE TOPLINE) and Griffin decorative strips are fixed with gray color with template

Author: pete379jp


2 thoughts on “Scania R Series v 2.2

  1. Hy do I need keep … template__color1_and_color2_matching_pattern and
    template__front_roof_text files or can I safe delete those files

  2. Hi Pete can u make the side skirts removable? thanks

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