Scania R Streamline modifications Addons v2


New Highpipes
Many Interior Parts
Many other Parts
New Rearbumpers

Lowred Chassis
New V8 Bumper

You need this mod Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.1

Its not allowed to upload on other Hoster.

Malcom37,Zip Zalp


9 thoughts on “Scania R Streamline modifications Addons v2

  1. das ist ja mal scheiße von innen sieht man alles von ausen nicht

    1. zu mindest die Gardinen

      1. Raz0rMind

        Dann mach sie ran? Lol..

  2. Why its not working on 1.16.2 i have and the others 2 mods and i try it on new profile.
    what version you use???

  3. +1 to Greg It doesn’t working on 1.16.2!

  4. can you make open pipe sound for this?

  5. Thanks for the add-on!
    Guyz, can you make largers fuel tanks for 4 & 5 axles chassis please?
    Thank you!

  6. Die Low-Fahrgestelle haben einen Außenkamera-Bug. Zum Boden hin zoomt die Kamera so dicht ans Fahrzeug, dass man nicht mehr rauszoomen kann!!!!

  7. Sasha_Baron

    Please, update for game version 1.19x

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