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Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.3 by RJL


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Content list:
-Normal, Highline, Topline, EXC Topline and EXC Longline cabins.
-4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2*4, 6×4, 8×2/*6, 8×4/4, 8×4*4, 10×4/6, 10×4*6 and 10×6/4 chassis for all cabins.
-Plastic and paintable chassis.
-Lot of custom and tuning parts (same parts as in Scania T Mod V1.6.x).
-And something more…

Changelog V1.2 -> V1.3:
-Fixed liftable axles
-Fixed some other small bugs
-Reworked interiors: Stronger normal mapping effect, more realistic “colors”, improved lighting, V8 interiors are now available for Normal cabin
-Reworked mirrors
-Reworked headlights
-Improved front grilles
-Added paintable SCANIA-text
-Added paintable doorsteps
-Added fully paintable chassis
-Added more spoilers for all cabins
-Added smaller engines (230-360 hp)
-Stock and Streamline sunshields are now skinnable
-Many other small changes which I don’t remember

Truck: RJL (Fordsonmies)
Others: GT-Mike, 50keda (a few parts from both), SCS Software (original models)

The mod is tested in 1.18 without any other mods and it worked perfectly, game.log.txt was error free! Doesn’t work on older game versions.



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60 Responses to Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.3 by RJL

  1. Canonir says:

    Chic fashion for Scania, expect you to continue !!!

  2. Banksy says:

    Very nice dude, save me havin to overwrite each up date, with my bits. i would share my RJL mods but feel it would step on your toes great work.

    this my truck, i would like to share my spoiler panels, but dont know if you hav somthing like them in the making


    • johe says:

      what sideskirt is that? can i have the sideskirt downloadlink?

    • Jorgen_021 says:

      I have a problem with this mod. When I open company manager and look at the pictures of my RJL trucks, the front grill is doslocated. It’s not where it’s supposed to be. I took a screenshot of it, but I cant put it in here. If someone that had this problem knows how to fix it, please let me know.

    • MikkelSmikkel says:

      How did you get that white lights on your grill? they aren’t in my list with lights to choose from

  3. Wayne91 says:

    Awesome work mate .. could u make some more interioe addons maybe , some poppy bottles or something , table in the window ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best Regards

    MWK EuroTrans VTC

  4. melvinleenheer says:

    Heyy why did you remove the interior accesoires because i really like them and i love your scania mod it`s very nice

  5. Canonir says:

    Make the next version of a normal salonhttp://savepic.su/5759415.png , http://savepic.su/5760439.png , and remove the green button !!!

  6. chefprutser says:

    @melvinleenheer….the interiour accessoires is not from this mod it is Another mod FOR the rjl scania

  7. Mr.P says:

    Wich Scania T V1.6.x ?? I find only the Scania T V1.5.3

  8. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    great job now i can make more better skins ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Rafael Matias Silva says:

    Thank You. Perfect!

    Scania Real transmission next update please!!!

  10. Trucker says:

    this mod beats all mod .. I always run Scania RJL intent with the best job. But one thing you could do would hate second interior colors .. sorry for my english I use translate: D

  11. Cgo13 says:

    Great! But I had just one issue:
    The upper/lower grill is crashed, I tested again with tour v1.2, and it is a problem of 1.3, may you fix it?

    Many thanks!!!
    Greetings from Brazil

  12. JayWard says:

    I got the grill crash too so I’m sticking to 1.2 RJL for now. It could have been a conflicting mod though, so I’m not assuming it’s the author’s fault.

  13. 4861yeti says:

    The front grill is shifted when the tandem chassi selects . There are only the mod 1.3 in my modfolder. no any one another mods !!!! please fix


  14. texasman says:

    stay on 1.2 , this mod is not working right please check your work

  15. Tasja says:


    Is where you can comment with bugs or problems about this Scania.

    You have to register (its free)
    That is where the modmaker of this Scania is and he will reply as soon as he has read and tested it himself.

  16. Tasja says:

    The ones with chassis issue : have you bought a new RJL or were you adjusting the v1.2 after you loaded the v1.3 version?

    His suggestion is (was also when he created v1.2) : sell the v1.2 and buy the v1.3 after you sold the v1.2
    Then it should work properly.

    • Cgo13 says:

      I tried it too, I sold my old one (from v1.2), but the screenshot that I took is from the Scania dealer. So it’s an issue from the 1.3 itself

  17. Trucker Melli says:

    great mod…still waiting for interior addon and then it will be perfect!

  18. hura says:

    just sell truck scania streamline and r version 1.2 and if you have modification scania r and streamline ver with dlc 2.2 by shineslip do not activated that you make crash just activated new 1.3 its work without that mod and other mod

  19. Melichov_SU says:

    A brief video review and demonstration of the truck. :


    1080p แดดแดฐ


  20. optimus says:

    great mod it`s working

  21. Eta123 says:

    In next version please add inscription \-S-U-P-E-R-\ ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Lucas says:

    can you add the fog lights at “H7 V8 STREAMLINE STYLE” ?


  23. wegger says:

    Great job!

  24. lambo603 says:

    Can you make pleas AWD chassis?
    I mean 6×6

  25. volidas says:

    Very good job !!!

  26. Christer says:

    For you with grille problem be sure you don’t have this mod as well: Scania_RS_Tuning_v2.2 it does scramble the grilles.

    Also RJL your T mod 1.5.3 is disabling the grille lights for this Scania.

  27. Daniel says:

    Banksy can you make the white steering public please???

  28. Daniel says:

    Banksy can you make the white steering wheel public please??’

  29. fred says:

    what sound V8 and compatible with this mod

  30. Marcus45 says:

    But unfortunately lacks the super mod vabis lenlrad on the left … I can Tuen ?? Can someone help me

  31. Marcus45 says:

    No steering wheel…help please

  32. Andy says:

    Nice Work……!!! may you could include more Kelsa Parts, Lowbar, Sidebar and Visiorbar…….. ( like Kelsa Guard v3 Mod ) ?

  33. SiminatorzST says:

    Here is a HD review of the mod:

  34. Lucas says:

    Hello , when I use the left blinker , the right headlight’s blinker will turn on at the same time , can you fix it?

    thank you

  35. ScaniaDriver says:

    Can you make it for the Scania T Mod v1.6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  36. AizadLee says:

    can you make scania with more longer chassis for 6×2 rear lift and tag lift? it would be nice ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. AizadLee says:

    can you make scania with more longer chassis for 6×2 rear lift and tag lift? it would be nice ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. Carias1985 says:

    Please, make a low 4×2 chassis. Thk

  39. Xtreme GT says:

    I have a strange problem,when i turn on the mod it doesn’t work the truck is stock.I don’t have other Scania tuning mods turned on.If someone knows tell me how to fix it.Thank you.

  40. Jorgen_021 says:

    I have a problem with this mod. When I open company manager and look at the pictures of my RJL trucks, the front grill is doslocated. Itโ€™s not where itโ€™s supposed to be. I took a screenshot of it, but I cant put it in here. If someone that had this problem knows how to fix it, please let me know.

  41. Kyle Smith says:

    Can you update this to 1.19 please as tried it in new update and has some bugs


  42. amengfox says:

    Where is shineslip?????????

  43. Felix says:

    Best mod so far!
    But I have a problem with all the sunshields. The lights on all of the sunshields have this big red “error” square over it. Please fix this bug.

  44. Brille2k says:

    I got a stupid question but hey i need answer ๐Ÿ˜€ i used this mod befor Scania_R_Streamline_modifications_v1.2_DLC_v4.1 and it has the tandem possibility 2. but latly i have been missing some texture in the game and it might be the mod! but i want to renew it so is this the same ### that one ore do i need to download another one? getting confused ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. Shinobi says:

    Is this mod compatible with game version 1.23 ?????

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