Scania R & Streamline RJL Reworked Dashboards


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Reworked Dashboards for Scania R & Streamline RJL Trucks

Authors: Alexander Swift, RJL, peter la anguila


20 Responses to Scania R & Streamline RJL Reworked Dashboards

  1. JarradS says:

    Nice Work!

    I hate to be this person, but are UK versions of the 6 series gauges (featuring both kph and mph readings) on the cards?

  2. play says:

    hello, it can create dashboard for renault premium with indicators of brake of warning leakage retarder, progress in precion air nibel of fuel. cordial greetings

  3. Bedri Emre says:

    Only RJL ? SCS Truck (Scania)

  4. jeje82 says:

    works with 1.23 or others version? please

  5. jeje82 says:

    works with only 1.23 or other version? please

  6. jeje82 says:

    works only 1.23 version or others version please ?

  7. jeje82 says:

    this mod work for only 1.23 version or other version please?

  8. uqur says:

    first of all I congratulate you on a job you’ve done an excellent as usual. I am very glad trucks success of an audio file in the video you shared with me.

  9. Андрей says:

    Не скачивается файл

  10. Fatih says:

    Don’t Working 1.22

  11. José Lauro says:

    Work with Scania T EXC LONGLINE ?

  12. Aleksi2014 says:

    Does this mod need to be on up off or down with jeyjey16’s and SisL’s addon mods?

  13. Ata5ll says:

    I’m wondering tbh how it looks when you gear manually.

    Also, why didn’t you enable the lowbeam on the dash…

    I guess i’ll be staying with my old ones.

  14. Flocka says:

    I use the Uk driving status does the speed gauge feature kph or only mph?

  15. Oscar says:

    Can I use this mod for Euro truck simulator 2 Multiplayer without getting banned?

  16. Shinobi says:

    Buna treaba man,dar sunetul de Scania ni-l dai si noua?

  17. DeathMonsterGG says:

    Hi dude can u send me the link of the Scania \8/ sound?

  18. Mike says:

    This mod is super !!! Please upgrade to 1.25

  19. Mike1312 says:

    Super mod please update to 1.25, Please!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Mike1312 says:

    Super mod please update to 1.25 🙂 🙂 🙂

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