Scania R & Streamline (RJL) Skin Pack

Scania R & Streamline (RJL) Skin Pack-1 Scania R & Streamline (RJL) Skin Pack-2 Scania R & Streamline (RJL) Skin Pack-3

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Here is Scania R & Streamline skinpack updated for Scania (RJL), highline and topline cab.
Mod tested on 1.18
Allow copy on another forum and websites but keep original download link and author! Do not reupload!

Author: Borsuk


21 thoughts on “Scania R & Streamline (RJL) Skin Pack

  1. Hi I have just downloaded your skin pack and folder packed into the mod, started playing and now I activated but not see your skins at the workshop?
    Can you tell me what it may be.

      Greeting dalia24

    1. @dalia24, skins are available only in paint shop not at workshop.

  2. Aleksi Salonen

    Borsuk…..i luv ya….#no_homo

  3. love your skins, great quality, thank you!

  4. They look awesome!
    But where did you get those wheels? (specially the ones in the lowest pic)

    1. @matpol98, the wheels in the lowest pic are private mod.

  5. 1xmichaelx1

    Borsuk, amazing job, i like your skins 🙂

  6. good job can you create streamline skin? ;D

  7. scania_dragon

    Doesn’t run on a normal Scania R or Streamline. Only on RJL-Truck!

    1. In the description I have clearly stressed that this mod works with Scania RJL. Scania RJL and Scania SCS are different modes with non-changable skins.

  8. Amazing skins but can we get normal colour not metalic?

  9. nportegies

    Borsuk everything is locked to the set, so for modders and skinners there with his material to do anything more. Many skinners downloaded files anymore.
    Everyone leaves all files open and free so that more is being created and shared for the gamers. Borsuk market will probably only have him soon.

    Unfortunately, I also leaves behind anything left of him / her

  10. Possible to do the same thing on the T series by rjl?

  11. Could you share the wheels from the first image? Thank you

  12. Does it works on 1.19??

  13. Tony Sncxx

    Superb, you can make it equal with ordinary paint, no metallic? Thank you

  14. do you heve a link for the original rjl truck?

  15. Amazing skins but can we get normal colour not metalic?

  16. Link off

  17. Link off

  18. Anton Kupec

    Link off – I NEEDED

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