Scania R & Streamline V8 & L6 Sound mod Update

Scania-R-&-Streamline-V8-& L6-Sound-mod

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Changes have been made on the L6 sound:
– Added turbo compound sound
– Tweaked turbo, and idle sounds
– New start engine sound

Author: Kriechbaum


28 thoughts on “Scania R & Streamline V8 & L6 Sound mod Update

  1. kriechbaum

    For those who don’t know what turbo compound is, here’s a video, listen at 0.54 seconds and at 1:30 min too

    1. TruckerZer0

      Spectacular sounds, as always. Thank you sir!

  2. Kill4MeHILL

    Sounds really BEEFY, Good mix! Nice work!

  3. kriechbaum

    Thanks !

    And for the modified dashboard i use, here it is :

    works for R and Streamline.

  4. Great job. love the sounds. After listening for many years to the “REAL” Turbo whistle, your sounds are very realistic.
    On a side note, any chance you making a Volvo turbo sound. Open pipe or not, it needs a turbo whistle.

  5. TruckerZer0

    Just for my curiosity, have you done anything about Volvo FH 2012 sound? it would be great!

    1. kriechbaum


      Later i’ll do a little update of my L6 sound pack.

      But you can still use it, available here :

      See U.

  6. Damage does not work on scania longline

  7. Is the new start sound from the SCS video from the new actros?

  8. I really like it, thx a lot!!!

  9. very nice dude, the sound in the video is the l6 engine right?

    1. kriechbaum


  10. every one of your mods sound the same, all I hear is a cummins with scania parts :/

    1. kriechbaum

      Hello my friend Hammi,

      Have a look at this :

      Your knowledge about trucks isn’t good enough. If it wasn’t the case, you should know that almost all the engine sound can be changed depending of the exhaust you have on the truck. As i said, these Scania sounds are “open pipe”

      A 6 cylinder on a Scania or Cummins, with the same exhaust will make alsmot the same engine sound.

      Hope you can understand now how engines sounds work.

      Also, the mods i do are first for me, then, i share them for those who want to use them. The choice is large now for the trucks sounds of ETS 2.

      You see what i mean 😉


  11. Thank you!

  12. Leonardo Santana WoT@bravokilotango83

    high level of quality contribution . Much time spent to promote the community… feel honored with our applause! Drive safely ! Best regards from Brazil.

  13. kriechbaum

    Thanks guys !

  14. bonjour,

    Très beau travail, serait il éventuellement possible d’avoir le même mod mais sans le bruit qui apparait au changement de rapport (même si c’est moins réaliste)
    Merci par avance

    1. kriechbaum

      Salut Scania, pour le son des vitesses, tu peux baisser le volume dans le dossier DEF du mod son. au lieu de 0.25 tu mets 0.05 par exemple.

      Faut ouvrir ces fichiers .sii avec wordpad, et tu descends en bas de la page pour trouver int gear.

      Voilà 😉

      1. Super merci beaucoup, je vais tester de ce pas.

      2. Merci beaucoup pour ton assistance.
        J’ai décompressé le fichier, modifié les lignes int gear, puis recompressé le dossier en zip, malheureusement dans le jeu c’est le son par defaut de ETS 2
        J’ai raté quelque chose?

  15. Nickskitz77

    Hi Kriechbaum just wondering if you could contact me by email [email protected] about a sound mod i made for version 1.9 the first patch but for some reason it doesnt work now just wondering if you could help in any way please

  16. Robisierra

    Thank you!

  17. Very nice sound mate. I’ll use it for my scania

  18. Good Job Kriechbaum Nice sound i love it but the blik sound is not too ,and i wanna say that lot of ets2 fan still use patch can u pls convert it to ? thx and good luck

  19. Whenever I use the R2009 V8 engine: right after I exit out of the shop I turn on the truck and my game crashes. Any suggestions? I don’t have any other sound mod

  20. Nevermind

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