Scania R & Streamline V8 & L6 Sound mod

Scania-R-&-Streamline-V8-& L6-Sound-mod

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Since the 1.9.X patch is available, we are now able to have two sounds per trucks, depending of the engine we got on the truck.
So, i have done one mod, that includes the sound for the 4 types of engines for the scania, my V8 sound for the R and the Streamline, and my in-line 6 for R and streamline too, depending of the engine you have bought. It works great.
The V8 engine sound is my version 4, and the L6 is a reworked sound from the previous i already have published here. Of course these both two sounds are “open pipe”.
I hope you will enjoy it, it’s a pleasure to go to the shop, swap to an another engine, and have a new sound.
Works only for 1.9.X patch by scs of course.

Thanks to my friend Volidas for the external exhaust sound, and Turbotruck for his nice blinkers sounds.

Author: Kriechbaum


27 thoughts on “Scania R & Streamline V8 & L6 Sound mod

  1. ari hayyat

    great sound bro keep do this great work

  2. Amazing sound! Thanks a lot Kriechbaum!

  3. A High Hamster

    your sounds just keep getting better and better amazing job man!

  4. kriechbaum

    Thanks everyone.

    1. breizhdave

      good job.
      the trailer is private??

  5. kriechbaum


    The trailer i use in this video, is available here, also please read my latest comment to make it working properly.


    1. breizhdave

      thank your for the link

      but the sound does not work on the scania R2008 50k

      1. Tinardirith

        Sounds great!

        Well it “works” but it gets all messed up x) Would be lovely if Kriechbaum could make it work for the 50K R2008 as well. I tried for myself but the result was a crashing game..

  6. another cool sound from u dude, nicely done !!

  7. Could you give the download for the sound of the ai trucks on the road?

  8. Николай

    Is it possible to increase the volume of the sounds of the engines?

  9. kriechbaum


    For the sound of the ai trucks, i use RED EXPERT 2.6, and i put my exhaust sound in the mod. So, the Ai trucks have my sound too.

    and for Николай : No, we cannot make the sound louder.

    for me it’s loud enough.

    1. Pam Christaman

      salut Kriechbaum. tu aurais pas un son de derrière les fagots pour le renault premium? et j’avais un super son de toi pour les DAF mais il ne marche plus en 1.9.22 =(. merciencore pour le super boulot!!

  10. Hi kriechbaum! can u have time to make the sound of other trucks as well. TY

  11. It makes my game crash when i try to start 🙁 This is the onyl sound mod I’ve activated

    1. PS: when i try to start the engine

  12. kriechbaum

    Pam Christaman : faut me donner le nom du mod exactement car pour Daf, j’en ai fait un bon paquet

    Nlaj : here it is, you can find a nice L6 sound for all renaults here :

    Jim : Sorry for you, but my mod is really perfectly done, without any logs erros. You are the only one to have this kind of problem. I am sure that you have an another mod that makes a conflict. it can comes from many mods, not only from a sound mod. May be you have a badges mod? So, check them all, or try to load an older save with my sound mod on.

    Hope this will help you. See u.

    1. Tinardirith

      Are you planning to pick up our request and make it work for the 50k R2008 as well? 🙂 That would be super!

  13. kriechbaum


    For the 50k, you can still use the V8 version 4 that i uploaded here few days ago, it also work for this truck. To make the proper modifications on the 50k and make it working with differents engines/sounds like the streamline or R, it’s possible, but i need 50k authorization. It’s not easy to do…

  14. From my phone sound is not good so i went to an internet shop to hear it well.
    Very nice job my friend when i come back home i will use it certainly.
    Today i am in Kalampaka Meteora central of Greece are hard to be coaches driver this days hotel to hotel every night not to truck cabin.
    See you

    1. kriechbaum

      Hi friend, glad that you like it.

      take care on the roads 😉

  15. beau taf encore une fois,surtout l exterieur.

  16. kriechbaum


  17. What interior/dashboard do you use? Really like those dials.

  18. kriechbaum

    the modified dashboard i use, here it is :

    works for R and Streamline.

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