Scania R V8


Authors: Goro, mwl4, szeryff123


18 Responses to Scania R V8

  1. Anon says:

    Pointless #### addon if you can’t even put your own skin on it!!! ####’s locked.

  2. Goro says:

    Missing info:
    Unpack your skin for normal Scania, in folder “\def\vehicle\truck” make New Folder: scania.v8
    copy to this folder all files from scania.r folder.

    In paint_job folder you edit sii file with notepad and change all scania.r. to scania.v8

    accessory_paint_job_data : filename.sii.scania.r.paint_job
    change to:
    accessory_paint_job_data : filename.sii.scania.v8.paint_job

    suitable_for[]: “highline.scania.r.cabin”
    change to
    suitable_for[]: “highline.scania.v8.cabin”


  3. easynote says:

    I want only the side skirts. how i do this?

  4. Goro says:

    It’s not possible, sorry.

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Hell Yeah it is possible, download one of my scania’s, they are open, copy def and sidskirtpart and TADA!

  5. Tino says:

    You making trucks for private GORO please ?

  6. easynote says:

    And make a mod only with this side skirts?

  7. Mike says:

    Why do you guys keep locking the .scs files. It’s not even possible to copy the files.. Please Mail me the password or make a new scs..

    • Mak-Kyver says:

      they try protect their products from people like Blade1974..

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      That is why i keep all my work open, so that other peole can use parts,



  8. Leo says:

    No effect, as well as the password

  9. Kamil says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Just crashes to desktop when trying to buy one, empty mod folder…
    ETS 1.2.5; any ideas? đŸ™‚

  10. Hory26 says:

    It’s compatible just with the original tuning from the game.How could i make to be compatible with scania tuning mod?

  11. mitsos7 says:

    GORO how can i ask you and help me for something???only you and i not public

  12. riccardo says:

    Goro password please???

  13. Roy Johnson says:

    why is this mod set to private and Goro the maker of this mod has it to download that doesn’t make sense why would you post that if you didn’t want people to download it. You should take it off and that would stop any complaints.

  14. George Smith says:

    Trust me, I’m a hacker and I know the password…

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