Scania R1000 v 2.0 [Update to 1.25]

Scania-R1000-1 Scania-R1000-2

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– 2 cabin
– 2 chassis
– 10 engine
– 4 transmission
– 3 Interior
– New wheels Fixed
– Real SOUND Truck
– For Versions 1.24.x – 1.23.x
– Dealer Scania

– adapted from 1.19 version to 1.24 version
– adapted to the DLC cabin Accessories,
– adapted to the DLC Flag

– compatible with many Interior Parts
and many more…

ATTENTION: This mod must have a higher load priority than all part mods.

* Respect the download link *

Authors: KOKI, SCS, Blade1974


10 Responses to Scania R1000 v 2.0 [Update to 1.25]

  1. VladyslavV8 says:

    Have a higher priority and don’t have truck in dealer

    • 8POWER8 says:

      probably in a model of Scania do not know what out of any need to change the cabin and chassis

  2. 4861yeti says:

    give it a template for this truck ??

  3. amonrada says:

    ghost truck!!!!not have dealers

  4. amonrada says:

    ghost truck!!!not have in dealers

  5. Jhony says:

    This is parts to add to your truck!!!

  6. Harry Hirsch says:

    Nice Truck.
    Still improve little things and Scania R1000 is very good

  7. Atki62 says:

    Doesn’t work in 1.25 anyway

  8. Atki62 says:

    any idea when a working 1.25 version will appear??

  9. voyage says:

    pls, I’d like you to fix to the R1000 v1.27x

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