Scania R1000

Scania-R1000-1 Scania-R1000-2 Scania-R1000-3

Features added or adjusted:

– badge
– cabin
– chassis
– engine
– dc16_600, dc16_700, dc16_800, dc16_900, dc16_1000, dc16_1400
– head_light
– interior
– sound
– transmission
– 6-speed, 6-speed-r, 8-speed, 8-speed-r, 8+1-speed, 8+1-speed-r, 10-speed, 10-speed-r
– 12-speed, 12-speed-r, 13-speed, 13-speed-r, 18-speed, 18-speed-r
– truck_desktop
– manifest
– To find by Scania dealer at position 7
– tobj- files adjusted
– pmd and pmg- files adjusted

Tested with ETS2- Version v1.14.4.3s and compatible with:
– TruckSim Map v6.3
– ProMods Map v2.0.3
– ProRus Map v1.1
– RusMap v1.6.3
– MHAPro Map EU v2.3.2
– Rim Tire Pack v3
– Alloy Wheels v1.2
– Scania Megastore (partially)
– All “Scania R” transmission and engine packs


The Scania R1000 does not show, in the interior, the original mirrors. I can’t fix it.
The Scania R1000 ONLY works correctly, when a new profile is created.
For questions please leave comments.

Author: sagenhaft1972


9 Responses to Scania R1000

  1. RayFiftyOne says:

    Mod does not load. Not even on a new profile.

  2. coolman says:

    Wie soll das funktionieren, sämtliche dateien im mod sind nur mit Passwort zu öffnen !

    How does it work, all files in the mod can only be opened with password !

  3. AlexCrazy says:

    not standalone, replace Scania К
    most files in mod from 2013, many bugs, features from new patches don’t work

  4. sagenhaft1972 says:

    Sorry to all. I forgot to put in the “automat” files, that is why all have problems to load it without fails.

    In the new update I delete also the old red interior
    Also added Interior DLC’s in the new Update
    And some more

    Update comes today (31.07.2016)

    • Ipgaxx says:

      So where is the update? it’s now 01-08-2016 and you said yesterday..

  5. Maestro says:

    I guess the ‘update’ didn’t work also…

  6. Denner says:


  7. Bruno says:

    o mod não carrega, mesmo em um novo perfil.

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