Scania R1040 Schwertransport


Tested with version.
Author: TC, Blade1974, Joggy, sky76


8 Responses to Scania R1040 Schwertransport

  1. Can’t download yet because I already reched the limit. Please use sendspace or some other site without limits!!!

    Is the file open or locked?

  2. Quarazhi says:

    Mod isn’t very good.

  3. Bernie says:

    Doesn´t matter if the mod is good or not because the truck won´t appear :-<

  4. Phonebill says:

    Why are there no guides to mods here? Where can I find this truck ingame? I’m currently at the truck dealer, and no truck there. My truck didn’t change either.

    • Phonebill says:

      Nevermind, I got it to work. It’s in the upgrade shop, costing 99.000$ or something.

  5. Bart van Ham says:

    You should learn how to play the game itself before you start with mods. Everybody knows that different chassis and cabs have to be bought in a shop. They are not handed to you for free.

  6. chester says:

    the scs file in this mod is corrupted.. i cant open the scs file… i completed the download but when i open the rar file and extrated it to ets 2 mod folder… somethings popup… and it says the file is corrupt… i think the link is the problem… please use other link like mediafire or zippyshare to download it properly…

  7. marco says:

    non funzionaaaaa

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