Scania R2 Reworked


Tested on version
So my friend Irishtrucker164 (Stephen) asked me to do this little
rework to my R2 base and share it with the public, so here it is. If
you’re gonna
say thanks, please also say thanks to him. Changes are stated in the
promo photo.
This version also runs much smoother since I used a lower poly chassis

-50keda -anaheim and mr.poland -shery0 -SCS -Mattias P and Arnook for
skins ๐Ÿ™‚ -Alex -EED123 -FChriss -FastAlex -Irishtrucker164 -Punisher


7 Responses to Scania R2 Reworked

  1. Nissen!xD says:

    Hey mate.
    Looking great, i love your work, and i will ask u about something do u have a stremliner? to?

    Nissen & Pp workshop On facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Grandpa says:

    Do you have to remove other scanias in the game and whicht of them. I downloadet your Scania R2 Reworked and it won’t pop up

    • ThePunisher says:

      It’s in the European dealerships, it replaces 50keda’s truck so if you have that then you’re gonna have to de-activate it

  3. peterjulius says:

    hey punisher can not a day make a scania t500 as Scania r2 where Lysbox and all the other lights work and the chassis and skins it will really make people happy.

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