Scania R2008


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Truck with Interior
test on Version 1.10.x

50keda, Аnaheim & mr.poland, shery0, SCS, Маттиас P И Arnook

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29 thoughts on “Scania R2008

  1. Video please

    1. truck as no front lights…

  2. crappy crappy #### old mod

    1. By Manu.Be98


      Paar Sachen werde ich in meinem R2008 reinbauen der bald Puclic wird echt nur ein paar z.b die Lichter vorne….

  3. Work on 1.11 ?

  4. DeineMudda

    It runs. But it is a little bit buggy. The Game crashes if you go inside youre trunk while you are tuning it. You just can tune it from outside. Some Error because of the old files in the log but it runs without any problems. I play with him about 5 hours

  5. In v1.9.22 I have a problem with the interior. I have the same interior for standard and exclusive (with gps). Please fix that.
    PD: Sorry for my bad english.

  6. Typical (re)publication does not clarify the version of the mod and if it is an update.

    please, do a favor to everyone: put the version of the game for which it is intended and, at least, the version of the mod, so who already downloaded wastes no time and bandwidth, and who have not seen it before can download it now.

  7. Best R2008 mod ever is what I say!

  8. it’s very good mod i need the addons interior for the renault magnom and renault magnom integral

  9. please fix interior i have pink color on board

  10. Fix template plese.
    It is skin fail.

  11. Scania R2008 FAN

    Hey guys,
    in my ets some addons from this mod aren’t working, for example the “window” tatoos and the different chassis. Hope you can help me ?

    1. Scania R2008 FAN

      now everythings works

  12. I cant find the lights and parts!
    help plz i drive on 1.10.1

  13. Anton143H

    Can’t find the lights and parts!

  14. music name?

  15. is this there skin for this truck 🙂

  16. Is it normal that the on board computer dont show anything and every time I press the button “i” for on board info the game crashes ???

  17. RonnyCheffScaniaV8Unikat

    können sie mal den scania mit skin machen weil die 50k skins scheidern sind seitenferkehrt mitte um anwort

  18. Firestorm

    Please fix dashboard.

  19. i got it in my game but where do i buy it?

  20. add a red lights on spoiler and fix the dashboard computer doesnt work

  21. please rework it on patch 1.11 and Lautus graphisc 😉 thanks
    PS: your mod is best!!!! 🙂

  22. Goog mod, why it’s not the same steering Wheel between standar and UK interior ? I dont’like the vabis steering Wheel, is it possible to have the same standar steering weel for all configurations ??

  23. Still waiting for someone to make the real r2008 interior though…

  24. guys, who can make this truck for patch 1.14

    парни, кто может сделать этот грузовик для патча 1.14?

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