Scania R2008 Black Edition

Scania-R-2008-Black-Edition-1 Scania-R-2008-Black-Edition-2

Scania R2008 Black Edition Truck

Authors: 50keda, Punisher, man1997, Anaheim, mr.poland, shery0, SCS, Mattias P, Arnook, Alex, EED123, FChriss, fastalex, Irishtrucker164, maxx2504, ManuBe98


7 Responses to Scania R2008 Black Edition

  1. MirmoZibang says:

    Something new ?

  2. @dr_jaymz says:

    with “black edition” you mean just the color right?

  3. petronny says:

    78MB? its mean certainty not only the colour…

  4. By Manu.Be98 says:

    What should I have done to the truck o.O?

  5. Grandpa says:

    Do I have to disable the old R2008 files and mods ??

  6. SweDisH says:

    anything new in this version?

    • aayush says:

      not working on my latest edition, cant find it actually. where the hell is it? and i cant find any changes either

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