Scania R2008 V2.3


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If you already have the R2008 V2.2 it will sell your truck and only then put the V2.3 R2008.

-Anaheim and mr.poland
-GT Mike

* DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers!! *


11 Responses to Scania R2008 V2.3

  1. Trucker3 says:

    das dass man das Scania logo farbig auswählen kann könnte man dies evtl für den Megastore umbauen ?

  2. Sidekick1050 says:

    Works great. No problems. Could you add the Scania V8 interior?

  3. Me n Him. says:

    Hi.! Could someone please make a new Scania 143M that wil run ok on 1.16.3. It’s an awesome truck. Cheers

  4. ursturbo says:

    Nice truck and good job!Thank you!

  5. snorre says:

    Which folder is used in this video.
    thank you in advance.

  6. Raptor says:

    No green gauge’s 🙁

  7. Sergo says:

    Сделайте этот мод не с 18 уровня, а меньше

  8. Darren says:

    Nice truck, pulls well, looks great. One problem, still has highline cab with NO highline interior. Looks stupid with topline interior. Still a very nice mod though

  9. Falken says:

    File Not Found

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