Scania R2009 Chassis


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This mod add 2 new chassis for Scania R2009 for now, Streamline soon;
added chassis names + photos;
(added for streamline: chassis name in customization);
all fuel tanks increased up to 800 litres (Streamline soon);
6×2/4 taglift with back steering wheel (Streamline soon);
6×4 with midlift (Streamline soon);
The back steering wheel is steering normal, like in real life: if the front wheel is turning to left, the back wheel is steering right, same to the right turn for front wheel;
Mod compatible with national windows flags and advanced coupling;
Do not reupload, manifest.sii files included.

KiLLeR Modding


8 Responses to Scania R2009 Chassis

  1. terje says:

    Nice work:)Should make sideskirts for it to,would look great

  2. Cooper says:

    Only scania scs?

  3. Theosz says:

    it looks nice. downloading. TY

  4. Зори says:

    ошибку выдает игра вылетает версия 1.24

  5. Mike says:

    hi can you make for new scania sterable taglift

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