Scania R2009 + Interior + Trailer


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Tested version 1.21 and higher
Replaced: Scania Gallery



3 thoughts on “Scania R2009 + Interior + Trailer

  1. SeriousSam

    not able being used – a windscreen fully loaded and small slot for viewing. Not just that this is forbidden in real live for security reason, this is a proof that many guys don’t know reality

    1. There are a HUGE amount of Scania’s.Volvos,DAF’s, MAN’s etc that have way less view out the windscreen than on the truck in the mod here in Norway in real life.. They have flags,Banners,Huge signs of the brand on the truck,Tables as high up so it covers half the windscreen etc.. this is very very common,and they are NEVER EVER getting a driving denial! I dont know how it is in other countries,but you often see this in Dutch Scanias and Volvos that are a bit pimped.. alot from Denmark and Sweden to.. That is the reality!

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