Scania R2009 – Showtruck


Scania Truck Show R2009 incl. Trailer skin.

It is the “crown Jumbo curtainsider v 5.0” Mod of Roadhunter needed.

To use the trailer skin, you have to insert the two .dds files in the corresponding folder of the trailer Mods and overwrite.

I manage not to grab the skin as a mod.

Pictorial guide is included.

I hope you like it

Skin: CaptainSlow – Trailer: Roadhunter


21 Responses to Scania R2009 – Showtruck

  1. Goga_Geo says:

    Freakin’ awesome ! Good Job !

  2. Evox says:

    The Scania weeks look so special can i get them?

  3. CaptainSlow says:

    Hi, the Wheels are from this mod: V8K Scania wheels mod

  4. fayee says:

    nice skin

  5. UselessBanana says:

    what other mods did you use to make your truck to look like this? btw looks very nice!

    • CaptainSlow says:

      Bullbar, Horn and Climate from maxx2504
      Scania Vabis Visor
      V8K Scania Wheels v2
      Scania Multimod

  6. mohammad says:

    A Better Link Please.

  7. Marc says:

    hi captain slow, what other mods did you use to get the truck like this ? bullbar lights postions add ons etc
    let me know please ([email protected])

  8. digiplaza says:

    please link for scania r2009 truck thanks đŸ™‚

  9. Fred_be says:

    Great job

  10. Scania Lover says:

    The trailer does NOT exist in this mod. The skin for the truck is what’s only there. Not the trailer, I checked. Make it for the trailer, too please.

    • CaptainSlow says:


      in my description is also clear that the trailer mod is required of road hunter.
      also is with my download also a small guide in pictures, as you can then paste the trailer skin there.

      I have not yet managed to get the trailer as a mod to run itself.

      I use google-translater, sorry for that.

  11. RedLion says:

    this is an awesome combo congratz for that>i am not a scania fan but this rocks !!

  12. CaptainSlow says:

    Thank you all.

  13. marchamilton says:

    captain slow can you please email me so i can communicate with you there. [email protected]

  14. Scania Lover says:

    Can you PELASE do a ENGLISH version of the guide! I don’t understand ANYTHING in the guide how to use that trailer! Can you do one?! Please?!

    Or just create a trailer mod instead, please…do something, because I don’t understand any German. Please help me!

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