Scania R440 BDF Tandem

Authors: Tomas, Fastalex, Fchriss, scs, Vlasta(J0K3R), Anaheim, Chudy, Ventyres etc.


45 Responses to Scania R440 BDF Tandem

  1. mikidriver says:

    WHEELS????? what you do with weels, nothing

  2. Johan Wiqvist says:

    This mod I would realy have liked to try. But I can not download from that link. So please is it possible for someone to help me wiht another download link.

  3. Johan Wiqvist says:

    If this work and some can help me get this mod so will I be very happy. This is a sort of lorry/truck I have been waiting for since the start of this game. So sad that I can not download it.

  4. I have just downloaded it and can’t get it to work. I have started everything again and went through the files and found out that when you put the truck in, the game crashes but the trailer can be seen in game.

    If this works on anyone’s computer please upload a profile save

  5. LegoLeipzig says:

    You can press Free, since it costs nothing.
    Just wait briefly and then enter 2 words.

    Du kannst auf Free drücken, da kostet es nichts.
    Nur kurz warten und dann 2 Wörter eingeben.

  6. Jotas says:

    Just can get it to work same prob here once you try to go to garage screen game crashes and axes never on place.

  7. Melon says:

    I got this in the game, brought the truck, the axel’s were screwed so I saved, closed and re-opened. I now get this error everytime I load my save:
    00:00:27.237 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/scania_rcab_2009/truck.dif_spec.add.env.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:00:27.237 : [material] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/scania_rcab_2009/truck.dif_spec.add.env.mat’
    00:00:27.299 : file(0): [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]: Index outside array boundaries

    Please fix this as I really want to drive this truck

  8. Jotas says:

    think i just got it
    buy it and restart game use the 4×2 axle dont make it 6×2 or 6×4…

  9. Jotas says:

    Nah Still crashes…. :S

  10. Burak Berker says:

    Hello what is your verison in this game ? and take a screenshot in you mod file

  11. Scania says:

    There is no wheels or roof. Why ?

  12. hamid says:

    Chasis is wrong!

  13. KazyerZ says:

    It doesn`t work!! 🙁 Please fix it!!! I want to drive Scania Tandem. Does any1 else got a tandem to ETS2 ? Please send it to me on mail [email protected]

  14. fuzionz says:

    this dose not work it’s crashing the game plz fix

  15. Flemmen says:

    Dont work with me.. I removed all mods and new savegame! Not working!

  16. Karel says:

    Truck looks great, but after starting the game will crash.

  17. aryo putra says:

    the file is too big 🙁
    my connection is to slow to download this 🙁

  18. Gvidas says:

    saunu bachurai

  19. Gvidas says:


  20. rubberduck says:

    Its crashed under Version 1.25.1

  21. Admin says:

    if this is not fixed in two days we will remove it.

  22. Admin says:

    Realy good mod… If it worked.

  23. Moderater says:

    Realy good mod….. IF IT WORKED.

  24. Karel says:

    Ok guys. It worked.
    First, you must buy chassis “6×2” a than put the mod to the game.
    I tested now.

  25. KazyerZ says:

    Karel, does it work with version 1.25.1 ??

  26. Moderater says:

    still not working. cant unpack it. tryed puting the hole file in and still nothing

    • fuzionz says:

      this dose work and dose work on 1.25.1 u need 2 buy chassis “6×2 and then save your game then put the mod in the mod folder and start your game bk up u dont need 2 start a new game u need 2 unpack it 2 times unpack the 2 rar flies 2 a new folder then unpack the 2 u put in the new folder then u will get 4 scs files put them in the mod folder if that dont work then redownload win rar and install it some times win rar can messup i have had it happen 2 me

  27. KazyerZ says:

    Thank you, fuzionz! I gonna try it, and I hope it works! But if it don`t work – Can I add you on Skype or something ? So maybe you can tell me how to do it easier there 😀

    • fuzionz says:

      hi i dont do skype put if u need help download x fire and ad me my user name is fuzionzv6 its the same as skype let me no

  28. KazyerZ says:

    Okay, thank you! But did you got the error “not responding” when you started the game ?

  29. KazyerZ says:

    I do! :((

  30. fuzionz says:

    ok do u have a mic ad me on x fire and i can help u let me no

  31. KazyerZ says:

    I got mic, but I`m from Norway so my english is BAD xD
    But I gonna try to fix it myself when i`m at another computer 😉
    So.. if I know right:
    1. Buy chassis 6×2
    2. unpack the RAR files and get 4 scs files
    copy to “mod” and start the game – Then it shall work?

  32. fuzionz says:

    ok can u download team viewer9

  33. KazyerZ says:

    I will do, I`m just going to try to fix it myself

  34. fuzionz says:

    ok if u need me im on x fire at night time of 2 bed and some mods will not let it work so if u can tack all mods out and start a new game if u have mods on some trucks go 2 the garage and tack all mods of the trucks if u have a map mod its ok dont take it out then get a scania and go 2 the garage and just put the chassis “6×2 on and the 2 cabin then save the game then unpack the RAR files and get 4 scs files put them in mod folder and start the game

  35. Karel says:

    Yes, I have version 1.2.5 and mod normally.
    First buy a 6×2 chassis, and then close the game.
    Second of four parts Extracting mode.
    I turn on the game and running normally.

  36. Markus Srihardi says:

    Hi all, can somebody tell me how to skin this truck, does any one have the template for it?

  37. aryo putra says:

    its really really lag for my computer 🙁

  38. derconair says:

    Lol kill this mod. = fürn A…..

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