Scania R440 tandem


Authors: Tomas, Fastalex, Fchriss, scs, Vlasta(J0K3R), Anaheim, Chudy, Ventyres etc.


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  1. Nico says:

    bei mir hängen die achsen im tank an was liegt das das is bei jedem bdf so auser bei demm volvo aber der gefällt mir nich
    wer weis was ich da machen muss das die räder nich mehr im tank hängen?

  2. Johan Wiqvist says:

    I have not tried any of this trucks/lorrys. So I have a question.
    Can you use them for transport any goods or are they just for driving around with?

    The reason that I wonder is that nearly all trailers are too long to haul after this sort of trucks.

    • MrMehh says:

      Yes, I do believe so. I had the old Scania Tandem mod and it’s just the truck with the box on it’s rear and then the small trailer that fits it replaces the normal trailer and so it’s a normal load but with a smaller trailer that fit’s this type of truck 🙂

  3. Quarazhi says:

    So it’s an updated version?

  4. Aurustas says:

    Finish? :))) all files in? 🙂

  5. rubberduck says:

    Schade man weis nicht ob es unter 1.25.1 läuft jedenfalls bei mir nicht und ich habe vor der Kabine schwebend denn komischen Vorhang und die Flaggen und der ganze Zug fährt sich auch komisch er tänzelt und kipt mal links mal rechts beim fahren.. bis jetzt alle Versionen gehen bei mir nicht trotzdem danke

  6. Pjotr says:

    I still can’t get that work properly.
    Rear wheels are at wrong position and ####.

  7. Quarazhi says:

    Still doesn’t work.

  8. Abababa says:


  9. Michael says:

    People. the mod works. I made it work. first buy a 6×2 scania with the second cabin, then install the mod and it will work. try some things before complaining that it doesn’t work because it does. do you guys even know how hard it is to make something like this. NO, you guys only know how to complain at people who do things like this because you don’t know how to install mods.

    • Laxi says:

      True. For me works but the game crashes after driving it 1-2 kilometers

  10. hex says:

    Umm. Nope Michael. Wrong.
    Just because you’ve jumped through the right combination of hoops to make it work doesn’t mean those who are frutrated at not getting it to work dont understand or appreciate how hard modding is.
    What most people dont understand is why some modders who obviously have a lot of abilty and put a lot of time into it still end up releasing mods that are either not really finished, have bugs, or have absolutely no info.
    Of course it’s normal to have bugs, and if modders want to fix the bugs in their mods, great, no reason for any bad feeling or harsh words, the work is very much appreciated.
    The problem is there are now so many mods that have problems that dont get fixed, and anything more than a few grumbles about it results in posts like yours, giving the impression that we all should just accept mods in any state they’re released and shut up about it.
    Ok, but then why bother with any of them?
    Wanting mods to work and being frustrated by so many that dont and the way they seem to be orphaned on sites like this, does not equal a lack of respect or understanding of how hard modding is.

    And if there are certain procedures like you have described to get a mod like this to work, then it should be clearly stated here, or in a readme file.

    These are basics of releasing mods properly.
    Whether it’s the modders, uploaders or admin responsible for the lack of info the end result is the same.

    Respect to modders that want us to have properlyfinished versions of their mods with the appropriate info to make them work, sure.

    Any that dont feel that way shouldn’t expect us to shut up and figure out which hoops to jump through in the hope of getting it to work and not crash the game.

    And uploaders who upload other peoples’ mods should include info if they respect the modder.
    Same goes for site admin.
    The attitude of “it’s not mine, I just found it, figure it out yourself” doesn’t wash. If that’s the case, dont upload it. We’ll find a proper version with info somewhere else if it exists.

    There are some great mods and modders who respect users, and we respect them. There’s no need to defend the others.

    Peace and love etc…. :p

  11. Looneytoon says:

    Did exactly as the person above me said with a brand new profile. Nothing. No changes to my truck no matter what I tried.

    • Looneytoon says:

      Well I got it to work but I will say it has a lot of issues. Still a lot of game crashing.

  12. james says:

    Some of the comments here on this mod are not unusual. When I started a new profile and visited the large scania dealership I found a surprising view. Some trucks were missing various fenders and roofs, rear box and out of the 7-8 trucks displayed only 1 yes 1 had all the visual graphics showing. When I bought the complete truck, it works fine with the accompaning trailer at various sites. Loads working as with the standard trailer.The standard trailer is 1/3 occupied by the box, front end very low rear very high but it hooked up and works, but looks wierd.Maybe my graphics card is to blame or the processor of my computer, but it does work. Congrats to the designer for making the impossible wish come true. What we could use is a complete set of trailers that use this hookup and diversify the game somewhat. I am still working on starting the newest red version Scania R440 tandem by vlasta,Tomas. It uses different file set. the last on I tried failed to load. Designers keep up the good work, sorry that not all of us are able to get some files to work, but remember this game is a whole new ball game and bugs will be present for all of us to sift thru and find solutions for the rest of us. thanks again SCS and designers for all the hard work and enjoyment we get. sorry for the long winded essay.

    • james says:

      Hi james again on testing the tandem mods. All the mods I have downloaded all show up with missing parts but one in the Scania showroom. I have tried all graphic changes with the up to date drivers and no change. But they still work.Due to the limited trailers available to get some you extend your sleep time and they show up to haul loads. I believe type of graphics used may be the change needed. Now we need skins for new trailer and truck setups. Keep bringing them I’ll use them. Thanks again.

  13. scott says:

    tried everything, still not working. Please help!

  14. karel says:

    It’s working and i like it but a little bitt disaponting about the roof. And maby the can fix mor trailers or something.

  15. Quarazhi says:

    Michael a mod should work without having to do all that. A mod should work from the get go. I know it’s difficult to do those mods and respect it very much, i was merely stating that it didn’t work properly. Which it doesn’t.

  16. MrMehh says:

    Doesn’t work for me.. I tried everything mentioned above but all I get is a curtain and two flags floating in the air infront of the truck and the trailer. I’m not getting the box, also not in the dealer.

  17. BIgRig says:

    Just install the Scania Mega mod, scoop around some bdf trailers, and youre as good as done, when you have the mega mod, you can pick between normall axes too 6×8 make it a bdf with normal trailers, or one with bdf trailers you decide, Scania EVO cabin all in there .

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