Scania R450 Streamline Tandem v 1.3

Scania-R450-Streamline-Tandem-1 Scania-R450-Streamline-Tandem-2 Scania-R450-Streamline-Tandem-3

– Mod adapted to newest version
– Own standalone wheels(2 variants)
– Own interior
– Truck replaces Scania R2009 6×2-4 chassis
– Trailer replaces Krone Cooliner
– Has light in the cabin(buy beacon and then press O)
– After picking up the trailer you must restart game to get wheels in place!
– Mod tested in 1.2.1

Version 1.3:
– Added light in cabin(both in interior&exterior).To get it buy beacon and then press O.
– Fixed shadows
– Added new wheels

When you attach trailer,truck front raises a little.I still can’t figure out why this happens.

There gonna be more updates soon!I plan to addapt it to Cabin Accesories DLC.
Write in the comments if you see any bugs,I will fix it in later versions.

Authors: Ballinowicz, Pawel92, Gytis (1.3 version)


6 thoughts on “Scania R450 Streamline Tandem v 1.3

  1. Black13Gangs

    Compatible whit Cabin Accesore DLC?

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      No, it’s old mod

      1. Still not adapted,I plan to to it later

  2. Blaziken777Sverige

    The bug might be caused by the weight of the trailer, since trailers wieght kinda much, and also there’s tandem trailers, which increases the weight of the truck

  3. I can’t find a trailer, who can help me?

  4. For fix the wheels place problem,you must add new chassis & variant for your chassis(tandem)

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