Scania R500 Tijsterman Truck + Trailer [1.27]

Scania R500 Tijsterman Trunk + Trailer + DLS Interior V8 + Sound
Sold in the cabin Scania
The trailer is registered instead of cargo

fastalex, Alsatian


10 thoughts on “Scania R500 Tijsterman Truck + Trailer [1.27]

  1. Fake 100%. This version does not exist

    1. does this work?

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        I do not, when choosing chassis tandem crashes my game

  2. Dutch-Wave

    not working fake mod

  3. All upload by ProjectX – fakes !

    1. This new admin – anumal ######.

  4. Really disgusting, what’s going on over this site?

  5. Somebody should remove these persons by IP-Adress

  6. Admin !!! IT IS FAKE !!! Can you read? You understand english or no?
    Admin, are you alive?

  7. stephen topping

    admin u need to remove fastalex, Alsatian mod from this web page

    I have lost all my money and proggess on ets2

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