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this is the scania R500 combo bij LONGLINERV8 and peerke145 .
this mod is working on 1.17.x and 1.18.x this is the real tysterman en pronk scania bulded bij my end peerke145 afther a long long time i put this truck for download to share white you i hoop that you enjoy this release of the truck
the trailer is included working on going east and scandanavian DLC

I m (LONGLINERV8) and Denny timmers (peerke145) peter roggeveen we decided to put the tysterman and pronk Scania for download

many tnx peerke for the premision to. your fiend LONGLINERv8

and wy do i put this prive truck for download:
okay I’m at a vtc for ets2mp been called ZWT is NGC become the names of the people in my PC via an IP address they heben broke into my PC to get this truck the tysterman en pronk was stolen from my why I put this truck for download

credist to the mod makers:

fastalex – improving the base cab and transforming it into a R type II Scania
Mr. poland and anaheim – the base truck
FChriss – converting and bug fixing
50_keda – fixing the sides and the front bumper
Ventyres – Wheels

LonglinerV8 – the entire construction work of the scania plus the skin and the thick side (homemade) the bin I gemodifed
Peerke145 – the ETS2 to convert to ETS2, and the entire finish of the whole combie vehicle plus the whole trailer it is made by peerke145 and the for make it work for scandinavian DLC

interior is not included

how to install the mod

put the two scs files in the mod map

axmple C:Users…..NAME………DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod

an you ar good to go

o and almost forgot the video is the second test in ETS2



24 thoughts on “Scania R500 TYSTERMAN EN PRONK COMBO

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Your English is just as bad as Your dutch Mr. Longliner V8

    And the combois nice but make f….. sure that it works!

    1. deverlosservanalhetkwaadindezewereldbeginnendbijfreddyjimmink

      Alsof dat gij beter zijt…
      Ik weet wat voor iemand gij zijt, uit zeer vertrouwbaar bronnen. 😉
      Wees eens blij dat deze prachtcombi online komt…
      Leer de klein dingen appreciëren..


      Freddy Jimmink read the disciption man yes !
      and do not tell my what im must doing or what to do ok
      and this mod works great better than you mods that you stole fom oters guys. whit the credits that you put it on your self

  2. Jandemotorman

    Where can i found the sound and interior for this beautiful truck?

    1. Yes, I need original interior for this truck please 🙂

    2. Jandemotorman

      *found = find

  3. the description is impossible to translate it I did not understand a bat

  4. I need original TYSTERMAN EN PRONK interior for this most beautiful HOLLAND Truck. Thanks 🙂

  5. TeddyBear

    ###### mod.
    New profile.
    Game crashes when accessing menu after bought the truck.

    1. for me it worksz perfect

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Die ongelooflijke ldb (en je weet wat het betekend!) die mij denkt te vertellen wat ik moet doen of niet moet doen, ik weet ook wat voor een behoorlijke klapperjavaan je bent en laat ik je niet tegen komen in mijn groepen of op facebook, want dan ben je de mijne!

    Ga je tijd nuttiger besteden dan alleen onzin te typen hefter!

  7. Freddy Jimmink

    It seems that the way these mods are build up constantly give crashes and i saw i am not the only 1 here…….

    And for our reverend here (The man/woman pretents he/she is Belgium) the mod is nice and i said that didn’t i? Maybe a tip go to fix Your eyes please?

    Awel ( ik speel het spelletje maar mee eh?) Gaat Uwen ogen en Uwen zaagsel nazien?

  8. super.vabis

    geweldig echt een plaatje, sinds ik hem voor het eerst zag op een video van peerke was ik verkocht. en dan hebben we het nog niet eens gehad over de werkende blauwe zwaailampen echt superrrr,,,, hoop dat we in de toekomst nog wat krijgen

  9. Streetsurfer1962

    nice combo with little bug
    incorrect rear wheel definition in trailer.
    it´s 2x offset 0 in Trailer.sii

  10. Thanks for uploading!! One of the nicest looking trucks i have seen on this site 😉

  11. Raz Al Ghul

    Uhm from my records longliner gave the tijsterman to everyone in NGT (ZWT) and it is a bit his own fault that it got spreaded. So no breaking in on longliners computer just he trusting the wrong people.


      nono i give in trust but I am make beautiful mods and that you guys can not handle simply . but the person who had given him my promise to him not distributable but it is a fake, and I know now that he did not trust, so he does not get out of my nut more and certainly no mods jeroen

  12. It’s possible to have same for DAF XF EURO 6 Dutch ?

  13. Kees vd Plas

    Hij werkt goed als je eerst de wagen koopt en dan de sound mod aanzet. Dus laad mod truck and trailer, buy the green standard Scania truck in the shop en choose the right cabin and chassis. Then buy the truck and go to edit profile en enable sound. I like the mod allot bbut the sound is soft (might be real but I like open pipe).

    De nacht is voor de hoeren en de bloemenboeren! KUT

  14. Kees vd Plas

    Oh and my hint: Do not use the Sound mod that comes with it, it will crash the game in version 1.21.1x. Just buy the truck, save the game and then take the 730HP enigine. Thats still sounds like a V8 🙂

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