Scania R500 V2 8×4 Pickup Jilet


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Tested version: 1.24
Replaced: Scania Gallery

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8 Responses to Scania R500 V2 8×4 Pickup Jilet

  1. emre says:

    yük modu var mı acaba bu sürüme uyumlu?

  2. Military_Pig says:

    Хватит делать это турецкое дерьмо !!!

  3. FragmaniaGame says:

    Hocam elinize sağlık ama interior’dan aracın sesi geliyor fakat dışarıdan aracın sesi gelmiyor. Neden?

  4. Gerd_E. says:

    Hey, I don’t want to judge you but obviously you like to create some trucks in so called ‘turkey style’ – which means to ridicule a real truck and to change it into something similar to a so called ‘Kinderwagen’ – or what?
    Sure, nobody expects something childish like that……….
    Sorry ’bout that, maybe you can be more real?
    PS: The people here should write ein ENGLISH, please

  5. LessIsMore says:

    Gerd_E, it is not Turkish style. It’s generally Eastern style. From India, Pakistan, Arabs and Middle-Easterners. They like their trucks like Thailand w*house…

  6. FragmaniaGame says:

    1080p HD Test Video:

  7. FragmaniaGame says:

    New 1080p HD Test Video:

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