Scania R500 V8

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Scania R500 V8 R1
Truck changes Scania A cab 4×2 chassis truck.
No interior.
Good quality model.

Christian,Exe, Ismik


17 thoughts on “Scania R500 V8

  1. PolishdriverTrucker

    bad mod…
    best regards from poland

  2. Please make the Scania S730T

    1. Stop your Spam, please… 🙁
      You should read sometimes on the Sites of SCS or WOT.

      And doing something by yourself…

      1. What are you talking about?

        1. Digital X

          Because nearly every truck, bus or car mod that is uploaded here you ask people to make “X Vehicle” in the comments.

          1. without need to bus, so with need to car and the truck Mod for ETS2…

    2. Roberto D.

      Everyone agrees about this, Kei. You’re clearly clueless by repeatedly demanding requests to authors in which they will never do. Either make it yourself, or shut your trap about it. Seriously, we know that you’re acting really childish.

      1. You’re telling me what you’re talking about.

        1. Roberto D.

          See? You’re being incompetent and childish, Kei. Learn to stop begging and move on instead of wasting time trolling.

          1. Are you threatening me now?

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. I have RJL’s Scania,don’t make these ###### mods again!

    1. Tremonia1974

      so why u care about it. You have RJL – stop talking like that!

      1. Anonomous

        RJL Scania is bad quality this is not a bad quality model

  5. erossutrisno

    please make scania R700 for patch 1.28

  6. Para el proximo mod de camiones agreguele la simulacion de humo en el caño de escape en todos los vehiculos no solamente en los camiones sino en todos asi lo hace mas real al juego ya que en ninguna web lo hacen dese usted de hacer ese privilegio de ser el unico en hacerlo gracias todos sus mod estan exelente…

  7. jorgent97

    Hd test…

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