Scania r500 V8 Sound


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Respect the credits SimoSchmitz, this is my personal sound mod of
Scania v8 r500 not copy this without my credits.

Try to respect all my work because i lost my time for this and is free
for everyone.

I’m sorry but I can not do video at this time but I’ll leave you in
the video description I’ve worked on.

The def folder is not mine but of Kriechbaum modder.



20 Responses to Scania r500 V8 Sound

  1. laurentiu824 says:

    would be a nice sound,but how did you have that sound in a 1 mb folder?

    • simoschmitz says:

      The sound is very similar in every detail..retarder air brake engine brake and that sound, to the fact that folder is small size i think is because there is only the interior.

  2. gamer says:


  3. MattV8_730 says:

    If you use a folder by Kriechbaum, mentions his name in Credits ! 😉

  4. mark225scania says:

    its not fake its just that it doesn’t have exterior sound.

    • simoschmitz says:

      Yes i’m only work on interior if people want to work on exterior i do it.

  5. longlinerV8 says:

    you call that a v8 sound? I call it a vacuum cleaner that a diesel tank empty slurps!!

  6. wegger says:

    AMAZING SOUND! Great job!

  7. kracksn says:

    Its a very nice sound, i would love it if you could make an exterior sound.

    People just dont know the different betwen “Open Pipe” and a nice “V8 Sound”.

    Just a question; Could you make it just a little more “deeper” how can i call it mhh; more wub wub wub XD
    on lower Revs?

    Please keep up this work, its so nice.
    Regards from Germany

  8. Trucker Melli says:

    ein guter sound, aber könnte man die sich wiederholenden schnittstellen bearbeiten? ich hab da keine ahnung aber sonst gute geräusche und ziemlich realistische scania klänge. vielleicht kommt ja noch eine verbesserte version, würde mich freuen.

  9. simoschmitz says:

    I understand what you mean, I’ll try.

  10. Trucker Melli says:

    super…ich freue mich darauf, danke!

  11. trucker says:

    nice sound!!!

  12. Teddy says:

    hi any other link to download that one dont seem to be working or maybe its meadia fire its self

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