Scania R520 Robert VD Linden

Scania-R520-Robert-VD-Linden-1 Scania-R520-Robert-VD-Linden-2

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– Wheels included
– Interior
– Interior light (red)
– Tested on version 1.22.1s

Authors: Molotov, Caspian, MRD_Hasky


3 thoughts on “Scania R520 Robert VD Linden

  1. RhastalordTV
  2. SeriousSam

    what i don’t really understand guys, is why you always put the courtains that low, that it’s quite impossible or unpracticable driving this truck appropriate with enough sight out of the windscreen – this here is Just a small slot left, which takes you lots of visible items on the road. Exactly the way i see tons of lorrys in real life out there – no wonder that there are many accidents happening driven by fully loaded windscreens and courtains.

    Nonetheless quite a nice truck. Go and adjust the interior – this then makes it good

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