Scania R560 PBA


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Too many kids around who’s trying to sell my truck or to use it without my permission.Here you have dear hackers, released by me so no money for you.

Author: FChriss


11 thoughts on “Scania R560 PBA

  1. Hey! Can i buy it from u so i can get the interior to?

  2. Face lag mare pe pc-urile medii?
    It’s creating a lot of lag on medium pc’s?

  3. EddieVegas

    Wow finally. I saw a picture from MattiasP version you gave him a long time ago and I drooled like a baby. Thank you so much Chriss. You are a true modder I can tell by looking at just the textures, whoo!. Thanks.

    1. Wait did you get the interior?

  4. Hi wich Sound Mod do you use?

  5. Ba ratatule iesi acasa cu modul tau de rahat in interior bate vantul are un bug cat capul ala al tau de #####

    1. inca odata tu, ovidiu – la fel de analfabet ca mai peste tot pe acest net.
      de la tine chiar nu se pot astepta cuvinte scrise corect si placute la citit…

  6. так много Мб, И Без Интерера? странно

  7. I wish the exterior cabin was the same as in the interior. Where is FChriss anyway?

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