Scania R560 Vliegenthart skin


scania R560 Vliegenthart
GTS Credits:credits:
truck base: anaheim, Mr.Poland, Chudy, Pawel, EED123, Sheryo
accessories: sk1p33r for beacons, horns, side leds, muflaps and
eed123 for bibendums
Patrick s for roof leds cable’s plate and textures
thom57 for help, table, unders of the seats
alex² for leds
Jules Truck Art

ETS2: me (1234batonik) for the truck conversion

The pmg is open as the GTS one was, but whether you modify it please
give all the credits.

Author: 1234batonik


8 Responses to Scania R560 Vliegenthart skin

  1. Krzysztof Tomczyk says:

    Could you correct that as its not the skin but the whole truck please

  2. Because SCANIA is BETTER!! ;) says:

    This looks so amazing, cant wait to try it 😀
    Thx for the great mod, keep em’ coming pls 😉

    Greets from Denmark 🙂

  3. Andrew Anderson says:

    that is what i converted but had problems with it

  4. AnDyWoL says:

    I want that trailer in the background

  5. Kromus says:

    Amazing truck but little bugs like lights attached to lower chassis are moving with cab, but since scs is open it can be fixed with z modeler. Thank you for sharing this beauty, its second real truck here after nicely made Jens Bode truck.

  6. Herman says:

    truck is an almost exact copy of the real truck, some minor beauty faults , the mirrors on the Original truck are white and the rims are a different colour as well, i worked on building the Original truck if someone wants pictures of how it looked send me an e-mail and i send you a pic.
    greets Herman

  7. MattV8_730 says:

    Hi, how to get the black outline of the headlights ?

    Thanks !


  8. Gekurous says:

    … It’s private to download.

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