Scania R620 Bring v 2.0


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– Has Interior
– Wheels
– Works fine on 1.20 version
– Fixed errors

Author: Andrey M. I Tomas

DOWNLOAD 117 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 117 MB [Uploadfiles]

15 Responses to Scania R620 Bring v 2.0

  1. BlackRooMafia says:

    sound mod effective rumbling bro ?

  2. Sca says:

    please dude bug fix

  3. terje says:

    Bugs in the interior,and chassis..

  4. wegger says:

    bug, fix it please

  5. Dan says:

    Shame it’s hacked truck belongs too anaheim 3d given public by the shemale skank Leah shemale Olsen

  6. Dan22 says:

    I need that wheels only, but i have problems with SCS unlocker, someone help me?

  7. JohnNecirRebellion says:

    Graphics mod please!

  8. Sca says:

    – Works fine on 1.20 version

    Work but tag axle bug . ): Someone fix please . Thanks

  9. elitekiller7 says:

    if you’re not gonna fix it, either unlock it so others can fix it , or remove it.

  10. trucker-t says:

    can i have the passworth pls

  11. Sca says:


  12. George says:

    Scania R620 Bring v 2.5 drive test:

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