Scania R620 Theo Hoks v 3.0

YouTube preview

– Standalone
– V8 Open Pipe Sound
– Cabin DLC ready
– Wheels
– AO Texture

Truckskill, Fenix


27 thoughts on “Scania R620 Theo Hoks v 3.0

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. Mr.gErman truck: С Праздником 23 Февраля хотите поздравить в ваших видео!? Вы можете заработать ещё лишних рваных долларов себе для германии…

      И сделайте это ещё к 9 Мая ! Мы будем ждать с нетерпением.

    2. Mr.GermanTruck

      Always the same people and envious …

    3. Promo video FY

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Mr.GermanTruck Published June 20, 2016 Test

    HD Video Test 1.26… 23.02.2017

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      Look the Truck… Nothing new Features… Is a reupload from “member”
      Inform is the magic word……..

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        besides the on version 1.24 is not turning the steering wheel in version 1.26
        you showed a video version 1.24 does not informing it of the mod version 1.24
        I know that what he writes may not be clear but what intercede mod version 1.24 as we have already version 1.26

        1. Mr.GermanTruck

          Steering Wheel ? this is your Answer… Ok… You have your Channel and I have my Channel. Take care of your things. Keep me out of your comments.

          1. PolishDriverTruck

            let others August statement that rotates the steering wheel it may be a mistake for me, and so you honor otherwise have spent an old mod not informing the anim not work umnie on video in August rotates because it repaired soebie

        2. Mr.GermanTruck

          Can you read? Take care of your things. Keep me out of your comments.

          1. PolishDriverTruck

            I can read, but I have the right and it would use the way you you took me by removing channel. The right to expression sorry for my english

        3. Mr.GermanTruck

          This is your Problem… You have stolen videos… And youtube have closed your Channel

          1. PolishDriverTruck

            I had one movie and it’s just a few seconds it was my mistake, I wanted to show that these guides are real and I could do it yourself for the mistakes you pay, and understand it but that was not the reason for closing my channel because it was 1 of 3 applications you tell me you report 2 video before 2 and 3 years of the same name for what did not you report this earlier? sorry for my angileski about my case the makings of a separate video because it is not the subject of this post, I have nothing for you have inserted the old fashion but for what you do not report this is the version 1.24? only that I’m sorry for my English my channel does not threaten to your channel so as you have a little heart that you withdrew one application and I’d waited a penalty and had referred to as the channel but you do not have a heart so would you let me blocked sorry for my english

          2. GRMModding

            German Truck you reported his videos for including [ETS2 1.26] which apparently you have “copyrighted” which you shouldnt as game belongs to SCS not you

        4. Mr.GermanTruck

          You could have objected. You did not. You learn from mistakes. And that was your fault.


  4. Awesome!!!! What the hell is gonna there? Your war(s) are only, BUT only for a mod? LOL…this is the most awesome thing in today days.What do you need to make a descriptive mod..
    -3 minutes download time
    -0.75 minute to install
    -5-20 minutes to make the video
    -8 minutes to publish on YouTUBE
    ===21 minutes, 45 seconds===

    Man, seriousely. The Mr. German Truck isn’t his fault…

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      this is not about this that he released the mod but this comes with released the mod of 1.24 not informing others about it and knew well from so was enough to add mod version 1.24 it all

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    DRM Modding is not as copyrights are the most right thing but it was not a reason to close the channel as had that little heart that I deleted this Report Song

  6. When you are not obliged to watch videos
    or has download skins and mods. I do not understand all these problems
    Attack people for no reason is not correct.
    The video you have paid? NO NO NO
    At what spoken unnecessarily.

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      it’s about something else mod is 1.24 and interceding about this is not advised

      1. Ok, but many times are recharged the same mod without any updates, and it makes no sense to create a new video.
        But it can also happen that you forget to few options while creating a new video.
        Just report a problem without controversy or offend
        I think so

  7. Steering wheel not work

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      I said she does not work

  8. martinh3672

    steering is working on mine 1.26


    Cadê a senha pra extrair

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