Scania R700 1.26 with DLC for Flags and Cabin Light

– 1 cabin
– 6 chassis
– 1 engine
– 4 transmission
– 3 Interior
– 20 Painting
– New wheels Fixed
– Real SOUND Truck
– For Versions 1.25.x – 1.26.x
– Dealer Scania
– adapted to the DLC cabin Accessories,
– adapted to the DLC Flag
– adapted interior Light

ATTENTION: This mod must have a higher load priority than all part mods



8 Responses to Scania R700 1.26 with DLC for Flags and Cabin Light

  1. Brakmauta says:

    The best mod ever <3

  2. Rektapus says:

    Working great thanks for the awesome work bro 😉

  3. YESSS! says:

    LOL YES! its working loll1ll1l1

  4. Heringsmarine says:

    Bad Mod, Game crashed every time!

  5. zoso says:

    to have this perfect truck
    can update it just ‘the original author AU44
    but I think it will not (imagine why)

    • JoachimK says:

      I like to test Mods. So also this one, to see, what´s happen.

      Finding out two Bugs:
      – Change Chassis= Crash.
      – Attachment Points very bad (see Horn)
      Otherwise not to bad, when he was from the Original Author.
      And I think, it was nice from him, to put a Template with the Mod.

      Because it´s not Original, I´ve deleted him after Test.

  6. Antho says:

    Big bug inside! The steering wheel, the parcking brake and others have a fluorescent red color with a writing inscribed “texture not found”

    When I select the chassis, the game crashes.

    If not, the mod is just a few errors to correct

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