Scania R700 1.26 with DLC for Flags and Cabin Light

– 1 cabin
– 6 chassis
– 1 engine
– 4 transmission
– 3 Interior
– 20 Painting
– New wheels Fixed
– Real SOUND Truck
– For Versions 1.25.x – 1.26.x
– Dealer Scania
– adapted to the DLC cabin Accessories,
– adapted to the DLC Flag
– adapted interior Light

ATTENTION: This mod must have a higher load priority than all part mods



8 thoughts on “Scania R700 1.26 with DLC for Flags and Cabin Light

  1. Brakmauta

    The best mod ever <3

  2. Working great thanks for the awesome work bro 😉

  3. LOL YES! its working loll1ll1l1

  4. Heringsmarine

    Bad Mod, Game crashed every time!

    1. manny errors…crash game.. not good this mod!

  5. to have this perfect truck
    can update it just ‘the original author AU44
    but I think it will not (imagine why)

    1. I like to test Mods. So also this one, to see, what´s happen.

      Finding out two Bugs:
      – Change Chassis= Crash.
      – Attachment Points very bad (see Horn)
      Otherwise not to bad, when he was from the Original Author.
      And I think, it was nice from him, to put a Template with the Mod.

      Because it´s not Original, I´ve deleted him after Test.

  6. Big bug inside! The steering wheel, the parcking brake and others have a fluorescent red color with a writing inscribed “texture not found”

    When I select the chassis, the game crashes.

    If not, the mod is just a few errors to correct

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