Scania R700 AU44 (1.26)

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– Interior
– Flare Pack
– 10 types of chassis
– DLC Cabin Support
– The engine range
– Fixed error mats

Test versions of the game 1.26

Au44, Анатолий7469, Aleksandro, Vovangt4


13 thoughts on “Scania R700 AU44 (1.26)

  1. video test in my chanal youtube
    VIDEO –

  2. One Question for the Author:
    Please, where can I find a Template for the Truck?

      1. Thank you very much. 🙂

  3. Only the original author (AU44) can operate this truck properly, otherwise there will always be a malfunction.
    But because of people do not correct AU44 decided not update more this truck.
    I think most people will be happy about this? I noooooooo

    1. Aleksandro

      Hi Zoso! I like this truck very much, I decided to update it to other models from other authors out on 1.26, but here only to tweak something needed.

      1. Hello Aleksandro, do not warm up was not talking about you
        I was speaking in general, I have tried many versions but they all had problems or conflicts with other mods.
        If you remember I asked you which version you used precisely for the reason mentioned earlier.
        Also I like very much r700 I have also many private skins
        if you are able to update it properly I will be very happy
        try this truck did not immediately
        CiaoZ e Forza Juve

        1. Aleksandro

          Zoso, problem with this model should not be, I tested it on two profiles, a clean with no mods, and the second which is on my Scania RJL & T, and many more mods for Scania, everything is working properly, log net was.

          1. Ok I can just prove it
            Now I’m doing other things.
            my game and a bomb, just change something crashes
            but I’ll let you know, and I hope you can also improve future updates
            ciaoZ Aleksandro

  4. tunning6000

    Beautifull Truck,good job

    1. игорь

      хороший грузовик и очень плохой звук,наверно на озвучку ума не хватило,тогда бы хоть не блокировал возможность поставить свои звуки.

  5. Она убогая и недоделаная, в обзоре все не так как на самом деле.

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