Scania R700 illegal v 1.33.2 Reworked By Mehdi Zarnevis

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For use please extract the file with “winrar” to a folder with any name and put that folder to your mod folder:
“C:/Users/Your user ?????/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod”
or open the “zip” file, select all sub folders and heat the extract bottom, then go to your mod folder:
“C:/Users/Your user ?????/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod” and create the new folder with any name,
after that click OK.
the game can read all the mod’s include .scs & .zip & .rar and folders without a compressions. so it’s your choice.
My suggestion is to put the contents of the zip file in a folder with each name for the best performance, and place
it in the folder of the mod.
another method: right click on the .zip file and select: extract to Scania R700 illegal v1.33.2 By Mehdi Zarnevis, then
move that folder to your mod folder.

****** For use the chassis 10×8 rf, please drop down the lift axis by pressing: U ******
******The truck is available in DAF Dealership.******

Change log:
Add advance trailer coupling support.
Cabin accessory ready.
Add new side mirror with blinker.
Add new Front mirrorAdd new Sun shield.
9 type of chassis.
4 type of cabin.
Many accessory parts.
New engine and transmission.
Add glass tint.
New bumper.
Add fuel tanks in the next version.
There may be some flaws in the parts, but This mod can be used without any problems.

I just convert the mod for new game version. So Please do not leave inappropriate messages.


DOWNLOAD 82 MB [Modsbase]

17 thoughts on “Scania R700 illegal v 1.33.2 Reworked By Mehdi Zarnevis

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33….

    1. good hand.

  2. hi there i like this mod only i wish it worked whit engine sound mod ,i still have the 1.32 version i just have a little recuest can you ad a engine that works whit a v8 open pipe or a cracle version like the rjl scania do pls

    1. can you pls make it work whit this mod{}and if it not to much can you do it for the v1.32 ,add a engine or shomenhing that can work whit this sound mod an can be equipt in tha garage i have tryed many sound mods for this truck and nothing works .

      1. hey. ok boddy. i wil work fo it. thanks. next version is coming soon.

        1. ok tank you wery much do it for the 1.32 as well pls i have the 1.32 version of the game i have lots of mods so in dont want to update the game right now lets say that what i have instaled so far the game works and does not crash i just need a engine sound mod for your truck and i am happy XDXD

  3. Used this back in 1.27..and I liked the look of it, nice to see it updated.
    Noticed a few errors besides the “wrong pmgversions”
    a few of the rear bumpers are floating ½ m behind the chassis,
    cover/fifth plate is vertical…well you might already know about these…now time for a testride !

    1. All known errors have been fixed. If you find a problem, please send it to me with a picture and description. My email is: [email protected]

  4. Lässt sich nicht entpacken.

    1. use new version of 7zip or winrar

  5. Siema elementy wnetrza sie nie pokazuja i te rozne dodatki do kabiny

    1. I am sorry. May interfere with your other mods. All items are checked and not bug. Wait for the new version. In 2019. Happy New Year

  6. satan 999

    doesnt show up in mod manager you ##### .

    1. don’t forget to put the mod in the modfolder ?

      1. just kidding…
        it has the wrong filextension, so try changing it to .scs
        if that doesn’t work, you need to unpack all files and then repack it to a .zip

  7. Every side error hole.trapezoid,wretched
    just lights R700
    Rest fitting…Ceiling c interior black
    bad carelessly made..

  8. Steven Betteridge

    I’ve got the most recent update for ets2. and this is by far my favourite mod but i can’t see some accessories and some accessories crash my game when i try to put them on. I’ve extracted the folder to my mods folder properly and i’m just stuck on what to do.

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