Scania R700 New

scania-r700-1 scania-r700-2 scania-r700-3

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– 11 Chassis options
– Wheels
– Interior
– 6 Skins
– Added support for DLC Cabin Accessories
– Bulbs, License Plate, Spoiler

Tested Game version
Find in Scania Dealer

Authors: SCS, Au44, Anatoli


10 thoughts on “Scania R700 New

  1. Mod from 7 november 2015. Козлы!!!

  2. this is not new scania 2016

    1. No it is r700 scania and not belong to scania in real

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Upload from vydka85 via Uploadfiles… always reuploads

  4. swiftrans

    link is broken

  5. OLD MOD

  6. Dennis [GER]

    Mod verursacht Probleme mit Mercedes in der Werkstatt

  7. Fichier non trouvé

  8. Link doesnt work

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