Scania R700 Reworked v3.2 1.44

– Adaptation to 1.44 patch
– Chassis repositioned like SCS Streamline
– Default engine sounds changes from Next-Gen to Old Streamline
– Fixed found errors and bugs
– Added engine badges for 1000 and 1150hp engines
– Added 8×4 chassis
– Added plastic and painted parts
– Added some tuning parts
– Added new paintjobs
– Added SiSL Mega Pack compatibility

Au44 (Truck), SCS Software ,RJL (tuning parts) Reworked: kasuy


10 thoughts on “Scania R700 Reworked v3.2 1.44

  1. Good mod but needs a proper rework, still has old textures, missing sounds and the reflex on windshield and side glasses its no good…

  2. Lights are too bright/far, can’t see anything in the mirrors.. Hope it can be fixed cause this Scania looks amazing!

  3. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 — Scania R700 (Efsane + Full Tuning Mod 1.44)

  4. Speedometer display does not work (numbers are not displayed or are missing). Topbull bar is okay, but not with this light bar (beacon)/ there are better ones. Skins are not all present.
    Sound isn’t the best. Seals are too dark (mirror glass).

  5. Not to forget: Sils Addon, HS Addon, Flag Pack, Mirrocam, etc. Spiegelcam (front) cannot be used. So no combo with other mods that might be better.

  6. It’s really a shame, because it’s actually a top model. Except for a few little things.

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