Scania R700 Reworked V3

Reworked V3 Changelog:
– Adaptation to 1.38 patch
– Fix wiper not wipe water
– Fix black windshield
– Fix some bugs and errors
– Fix 10×8 chassis trailer attaching difficulties
– Side window decals removed (openable window issue)
– 2000hp engine removed
– Dashboard backlight changed from green to white
– Added some tuning parts
– Improved workshop icon
– Added new paintjob
– Added 1000hp and 1150hp Scania V8 Marine Diesel (beta)
– Added new interior
– National Window Flags DLC ready
– Mighty Griffin DLC ready (see note below)
– HS Schoch DLC ready
– Template included

– 10×8 chassis should not be used for pulling normal trailer
– 1000hp engine reached peak torque at high rpm
– Some mighty griffin parts will not be avaiable due to the truck’s unique shape
– This mod does not have fancy light, you can use other great lighting mod

Tested version :


Au44(Truck),SCS Software,RJL(tuning parts)
Reworked : Kasuy


9 thoughts on “Scania R700 Reworked V3

  1. As alwasy, great work! Thank you very much for this great mod 🙂

  2. Mark Wilkes

    I like this mod,

    however it needs to display the in-game licence plates and needs wide-angle mirrors in addition to its main mirrors.

    new cabs however are missing the LED seat logos that are already in the 5 series,

    4×2 chassis is a smite too low at the rear end making coupling a bit hit and miss, plus gives the trailer a notable nose down stance when sat next to other trucks, I tried it with 80 profile rear tyres and with the 80 profile tyres coupling was a lot easier, so the rear end needs to be lifted up litterally a the difference between the two profiles (we’re talking 20mm to 30mm).

    The removal of the 2000hp engine is no issue, but the addition of the 1150hp put a big smile on my face though I have yet to try its full capability.

    I can honestly say that this mod alongside the RJLs will be a a firm stablemate and a regular drive.

    9 out of 10 for this one, spoiled only by the coupling issue and the lack of licence plates if you dont put the custom ones on.

  3. Thank you very much….Nice mod *****

  4. Thank ….Nice mod *****

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    ein tolle lkw

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    VIDEO TEST ETS2 MODS 2020 – Copery TV [GreenLime]

  7. Kevin Chindowa

    Beautiful work, Thank you so much for this great mod. God bless you.

  8. Arizona Chicken

    Hello, could you please update this fabulous mod to 1.39? 🙂
    That would be great. I like it so much!!!!! Thank you so much!

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