Scania R700 Updated


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Some bugs are now fixed, Raven dlc works with it now, and it is compatible with version 1.16.2

Authors: serega2012, SCS, AU44, HaXwell, Kelsa, 50ked, unicorn0007, 7amoo


8 Responses to Scania R700 Updated

  1. Wellington says:

    Still buged,

    Accessories are floating on the top cabin and into the template.

  2. Schaffisen says:

    Stylish, more power larger engine.

  3. Jockeas says:

    Where to get it ,can’t find IT annywhere…

  4. 2x2 says:

    верните задние фонари с номером. ибо неудобно

  5. raphael says:

    I’d use the Scania R700 mode
    Simply press the engine start button discards thrown in the game
    The truck has a full tuning options
    The version of the game is 1.16 2s
    Why are you doing this?

  6. Ipgaxx says:

    Awesome truck 🙂 works fine on the latest patch. Will you make new engines for it? Could use some with more Newton meter (Nm)/torque 🙂 Also, will you edit the V8 interior? Would be nice if the default GPS/route screen could be removed, so we only had the new one on the dashboard.

  7. Harald-RS says:

    Download dosen’t working

  8. Dado-J says:

    Version 1.17.1 Navigation in the dashboard does not work, Garmin GPS works. It is the same with version 1.18.01.beta. Why not make a correction? Otherwise, everything else is great.

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