Scania R700 v 2.0

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Author: AU44


5 thoughts on “Scania R700 v 2.0

  1. This is NOT the Scania new R700 by AU44. If you look on he has only released version 1.5!

  2. Mod-Loller


    original R700 from is a locked scs-file

    and this version is not V2.0
    it is the UNLOCKED R700 V1.0

    the place for the most suspect mods is

  3. Sarkissian

    In other words, it’s no good??

  4. Yes, it’s no good. It also replaces ALL Scanias. AU44’s original (now v1.5) and the Scania v8 (another good mod) both only replace ONE model of Scania. Don’t use this!

  5. It also replaces ALL Scanias – right
    but this model is the best

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