SCANIA R700 V8 Open Pipe Sound Compatibility [1.39]

This mod make Kriechbaum’s V8 Open Pipe avaiable for SCANIA R700

This mod works best with SCANIA R700 Reworked V3.1

– This mod compatible with Kriechbaum’s V14 Open Pipe:
– You MUST have the original Kriechbaum’s mod, otherwise it won’t work

Let’s make some noise



6 thoughts on “SCANIA R700 V8 Open Pipe Sound Compatibility [1.39]

  1. I tried with all possible and imaginable modes, I have the Kriechbaum Open Pipe file, I have the Scania R700 V8 Open Pipe Sound Compatibility file, I have the Scania R700 v 3.1, but your MOD SOUND does not work, I have swapped the load manager but no way….

    1. Try to place the Kriechbaum Open Pipe ABOVE the Scania R700 v 3.1 then place the Compatibility mod ABOVE the Kriechbaum Open Pipe.
      Hope it helps

      1. it doesn’t work, make a video how to place the mods and let us hear the sound. thanks

  2. changed engine

  3. kannst du die gaz unteren Lampen (brennen nur bei Fernlicht) als Tagfahrlicht machen?

  4. Works great. Read the note

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